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Gerry Abbey

Product Marketing Manager, Plex Systems

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Gerry joined Plex in 2021 as a Product Marketing Manager with over twelve years of experience in software marketing. Leading the State of Smart Manufacturing Report creation and promotion, Gerry is also responsible for MES, QMS, and F&B product marketing. Gerry brings a wealth of content experience to the product team, having founded corporate blogs and collaborated on thousands of blog posts, white papers, and industry reports. Outside of Plex, Gerry has published two books, loves to travel, and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids exploring nature in Rhode Island.

Why Technology Adoption in 2023 Means Adding Staff and Skills

Gerry Abbey September 5, 2023

One of the biggest headlines from the 8th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report isn’t just about technology — it’s about technology and people. As manufacturers aim for profitable growth without sacrificing quality, adopting the right technology is high on their collective to-do list. But for that new tech to truly be beneficial, our respondents tell us there must be an equal priority…

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95% of Manufacturers Are Prioritizing Sustainability in 2023

Gerry Abbey June 29, 2023

When it comes to sustainability in manufacturing, the future is now.According to the 2023 State of Smart Manufacturing Report, sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) have moved into the manufacturing mainstream. Over 95% of respondents stated they have a sustainability and/or ESG policy over the last two years, whether formal or informal....

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Gain a Competitive Edge in Quality with Better Data

Gerry Abbey June 12, 2023

When you look at the future of your company, what do you hope to achieve?For 1,353 global manufacturers in the 2023 State of Smart Manufacturing Report, the answer is clear: growth. And to achieve that growth, these manufacturers are prioritizing their quality strategy as they continue to digitize operations and fight to overcome disrupted supply chains, new regulations, and other challenges....

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Supply Chain Technology Adoption: Opportunities and Obstacles

Gerry Abbey May 4, 2023

"Back to normal."After the countless disruptions that have defined the last several years, that’s not a phrase used by manufacturers when talking about where supply chains are headed.However, not getting back to normal offers new opportunities for success. Finding better ways to minimize upheaval and maximize relationships also means gaining stability, agility, and predictability when it comes to…

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Workforce, Quality, and Technology: Old Struggles, New Angles

Gerry Abbey February 9, 2023

The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) hosted the Metal Stamping Technology Conference recently in Nashville, Tennessee. A dynamic, thoughtful, and somewhat frustrated group gathered to talk through the state of manufacturing, the biggest challenges, and how we can begin to address those challenges with technology after we’ve started taking care of people and processes first....

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The Right MES Is Out There: Industry Experts Make Their Picks

Gerry Abbey December 19, 2022

An MES, or manufacturing execution system, is an essential manufacturing tool for business resiliency in the face of disruption. The pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty, cybersecurity risks, and supply chain uncertainty are just a few of the major risks impacting manufacturers and driving more companies to digitize their business than ever before....

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North American Food Safety and Quality: Your NAFS22 Recap

Gerry Abbey October 6, 2022

NAFS22 came packed with insights, ideas, and a shared call to action to achieve food safety and quality like we’ve never seen before. After days of conversations and presentations, the key question that remains is: how do we achieve this, particularly on a national and international scale? Of the many topics discussed over the last several days, these are the ones that stood out most:...

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Your 5 Steps to Smart Manufacturing Adoption

Gerry Abbey April 25, 2022

Smart manufacturing enables manufacturers like you to adapt to a changing market and unlock long-term opportunities by connecting and automating their business. But where do you start? With increasingly modular smart manufacturing technology options available, investment and implementation can be simple, seamless, and cost-effective. These incremental investments unlock value quickly and can be…

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The Top 3 Challenges Facing Manufacturers (and How to Solve Them)

Gerry Abbey April 11, 2022

Each year, the State of Smart Manufacturing Report compiles feedback from hundreds of manufacturers. For nearly a decade, these findings have shown supply chain disruption, skilled worker shortage, and security/risk management as top challenges for business and the pandemic has made this worse....

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Key Takeaways From the 7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Gerry Abbey March 16, 2022

Responding to market adversity with agility, improved processes, and technology adoption Welcome to the 2022 State of Smart Manufacturing Report, the most robust edition yet. Based on surveys from 321 manufacturers from across the globe, the results reflect general consistency in major factors impacting manufacturers....

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