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Catch Plex Leaders and Special Guests During PowerPlex Main Stage Experiences

May 20, 2021
PowerPlex - Unstoppable Plex Leaders

Like headliners at a music festival, our Plex leaders are warmed up and ready to hit the main stage at PowerPlex 2021.

They may not bring guitars or #1 songs, but Bill Berutti, Nathan Pieri, and Jerry Foster will bring the manufacturing insights you’ve been waiting for. They’ll each speak to what they’ve seen over the last year and invite other industry experts to the digital stage for conversations you’ll be quoting for months to come.

You don’t have to wait much longer, but until PowerPlex kicks off, here’s a preview of each of those blockbuster sessions.

Bill Berutti, Chief Executive Officer

In Manufacturing Unstoppable, Plex CEO Bill Berutti kicks off the main stage experiences by sharing captivating stats, news, and stories.

He’ll dig into how manufacturers led the way during the height of the pandemic and continue to lead the nation’s economic recovery. And naturally, he’ll hit on how the adoption of smart manufacturing is more critical now than ever before. After all, smart manufacturing is for everyone, not just for huge corporations with gigantic budgets.

A highlight of Bill’s session is his conversation with Plex customers. Mike Williams from the Cadillac Products Automotive Company comes to the table with his company’s story of reacting to unexpected events and adapting smoothly. He’ll relay stories about producing protective equipment for frontline workers as well as how his company successfully navigated the severe Texas power outage. Bill will also be joined by Tara Newcombe and Christian Etique of Drinkworks. A true industry disruptor, Drinkworks is taking the home cocktail market by storm. Tara and Christian will break down what it’s like to open a new plant during a pandemic and why home cocktails are truly an experience.

Before he passes the mic, Bill will pull back the curtain and share some exciting updates and numbers with you. For example, did you know Plex had 72 go lives in 2020? Now that’s unstoppable.

Nathan Pieri, GVP, Product Management and Strategy

Networked. Agility. Speed. Smarter. Reliability. User centric. Sounds like a wish list for any manufacturer, right?

In his first PowerPlex appearance since joining the Plex team, Nathan Pieri will break down how those terms are actually the six tenets of the Plex Product Vision. Each one gets airtime, along with impressive examples and data points that prove why our customers become the best version of themselves.

With Industry 4.0 in its 10th year, is now the right time to digitize? And how can a business get started or configure their own path to smart manufacturing success? These and many other questions are answered as Nathan takes us through the facts. You’ll hear about scaling up, advanced analytics, machine health monitoring, uptime vs. downtime, and so much more.

Nathan isn’t flying solo on this round. He’ll be joined by Wally Wyniemko and Damian Walker from Hatch Stamping, a customer reaping the rewards of smart manufacturing through Plex IIoT and Mach2. They’ll talk through their projects while showing their actual shop screens and footage from inside the walls of their factory. They’ve customized Plex to meet their needs, and the results are exciting to say the least.

Did you know that Plex invests 20% of revenue in product development? That’s how seriously we take continuous innovation that supports our customers, and Nathan will show you the fruits of that labor.

Jerry Foster, Chief Technology Officer

If you could time travel 20 years into the past, how would you describe digital transformation to manufacturers?

This is just one of many questions Jerry asks a panel of experts as they have an honest and refreshing conversation. During the Unbound Vision main stage event, Jerry will lead this discussion and focus it on the unlimited possibilities of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. The panelists, comprised of Sudhi Bangalore of Stanley Black & Decker, Grace Perry of Rockwell Automation, and Klaus Loeckel of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, bring the proof points for the smart manufacturing movement.

Such a seasoned group will discuss how to make people a part of the revolution and what driving collaboration inside and outside the plant walls looks like. They’ll define the term “connected worker” and talk about why it’s so difficult to implement manufacturing technology without a passionate partner. No topic is off limits as they also touch on resistance to change, localization, and technologies that might be overhyped.

Smart manufacturing unlocks business value (at least one panelist company just had a record quarter), and likewise, this conversation will unlock value for you. Tune in and you’ll learn how digitalization is a lifeline and represents a great opportunity to rethink operations as the market demands change. You also may or may not hear a reference to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

PowerPlex Main Stage Experiences

Bill, Jerry, Nathan, and their guests are bringing the heat, but each main stage experience will also include Unstoppable Features, Customer Impact Awards, and a word from our Diamond Sponsors. Plus, these represent only a few of the 90+ sessions in store for you at PowerPlex. There are many more exciting speakers from inside and outside the company waiting to drop industry knowledge and share their perspectives with you. The best part? No expensive concert ticket required. This Manufacturing Lollapalooza is free.

PowerPlex doesn’t require money, but it does require registering. Take care of that right here.

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