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Overcoming Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry

State of Smart Manufacturing, Food & Beverage
May 11, 2022

Due to the shift in consumer demand driven by increased pressure from large-scale competitors, direct-to-consumer trends, and an ongoing pandemic, food and beverage manufacturers like you face unprecedented change and increasing adversity. The challenges are many, including pressure for automation to control costs and address labor shortages, the need for visibility into production yield, and quality requirements from customers and regulatory bodies.

The results from this year’s State of Smart Manufacturing Report show that food and beverage manufacturers plan to address these challenges with technology as they position themselves for Industry 4.0:

  • 70% of food and beverage manufacturers expressed interest or are actively evaluating solutions for adoption.
  • Smart manufacturing adoption grew by 15% for food and beverage manufacturers year-over-year.

While there is progress, there is also much room for growth. The food and beverage industry was leading the return to normal production levels in 2020. As one of the first industries to meet 100% of pre-pandemic production, the industry appeared primed to accelerate into a successful future, but this year’s report shows that this drive may have floundered as urgency waned:

  • 45% of food and beverage manufacturers cite a lack of skilled workers as an obstacle to growth.
  • 90% of food and beverage manufacturers lack a complete supply chain planning solution.

Future proofing your business for unknown needs to come – shifting distribution channels, new products, new competition, and more – requires planning, investment, and stakeholder buy-in.

While business needs are always changing, there is one certainty: operational disruption happens. It can be the result of a pandemic, natural disaster, geopolitical conflict, or shifting consumer preferences. In this uncertain world, how can you best position your company to optimize business continuity and foster the agility and flexibility to quickly adapt?

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About the Author

Anthony Murphy Vice President; Head of Product Management, Application Group