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5 Key Takeaways from the 5th Annual State of Manufacturing Technology Report

Jerry Foster May 7, 2020

The state of manufacturing technology is one that is constantly evolving. What is true one month might not be true the next, and we have seen that volatility with the impact of COVID-19. So how do manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve to drive growth and stay ahead of competition?...

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How Great Expectations Are Driving Tech Adoption and Auto Supplier Success

Lori Zoellner October 17, 2019

The automotive industry is changing by the minute. New regulations, new markets, new product-line focuses, new consumer demands. Amid this rapid evolution, automotive supply chain is up against a growing number of daily challenges to achieve a single, yet very layered goal: meet and exceed the expectations of some of the world’s biggest brands....

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3 Things About ERP Implementations Most Manufacturers Don’t Know

Dave Morfas June 28, 2019

A recent survey conducted by Mint Jutras and commissioned by Ultra Consultants looked at ERP implementations—whether they are doomed to fail or whether ROI expectations are high enough. For small- to mid-sized manufacturers, ERP is an endeavor that becomes necessary as the business grows since managing a complex operation with spreadsheets is unsustainable....

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Parts Manufacturer Consolidates Operational and Shop Floor Data with Cloud ERP - Video

Plex Team July 18, 2016

Who is Avon Gear? Headquartered in Shelby Township, Michigan, Avon Gear Company manufactures precision-machined components and subassemblies for heavy industrial equipment manufacturers. The company has experienced steady growth since its beginnings in 1974 and continues to look for ways deliver quality products to its customers....

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Ongoing ERP Training Prevents Brain Drain

Kristen Vanpoelvoorde March 20, 2013

Have you experienced brain drain within your organization when skilled employees left, resulting in knowledge gaps? If this is your problem, we have the solution. The best way to combat brain drain is to engage your organization in ongoing ERP training....

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