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When You Don’t Know What’s Broken: Fighting Frightening Manufacturing Monsters

Plex Team October 18, 2022

Bumps, clanks, hisses, and creaks. What’s that noise? In a manufacturing operation, just like a Halloween movie, these sounds are always scary. But sometimes, we don’t hear the sounds until they’ve jumped out at us, eliciting a haunted-house scream and a bit of embarrassment that we didn’t see it coming....

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Your Answer for Managing Major Manufacturing Disruption

Plex Team September 27, 2022

In past decades, business continuity was mainly considered to respond to the dangers of natural disasters like fires, floods, or hurricanes. The dawn of the internet brought a new focus to continuity; it broadened its definition as companies raced to protect data from cyberattacks and breaches that could shut them down and leave them without critical information....

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Digital Connectivity: The “Key” to Empowering Manufacturing Teams

Plex Team May 24, 2022

Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? The area is home to some of the world’s best beaches, snorkeling, and fishing, but getting there hasn’t always been easy. To move from island to island, visitors and locals had to island-hop by boat or ferry....

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Charging Ahead: Enabling Electric Vehicle Manufacturing with Smart Technology

Plex Team May 10, 2022

Many advances in technology and changing consumer tastes have disrupted the automobile industry. From innovations like front-wheel drive and the SUV to the beginning of smart technology for navigation, diagnostics, and entertainment, production lines were forced to adjust many times in history....

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Solving the Downtime Riddle

Plex Team April 12, 2022

Riddles. They’re mysterious, mind-bending puzzles that throw in an element of misdirection to throw you off course. They can be fun and even educational in your personal life, but riddles are not a puzzle piece you want to see in your manufacturing environment....

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Utilizing Automation in Manufacturing Processes: The Future Is Here

Plex Team March 15, 2022

Driven by the rapid growth of technology, automation in manufacturing processes has significantly evolved over the years. Where traditional manufacturing was once utterly manual, more and more manual functions were reinvented with automated production. This included innovation in conveyance, limit switches, and eventually programmable logic controllers....

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Understanding the Impact of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculation

Plex Team March 1, 2022

So, you’ve decided to embark on an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) project to increase equipment effectiveness and develop process improvements that maximize efficiencies. You’ve got your spreadsheets and clipboards ready (you don’t really need those, but more on that later). You’re ready to go. Now what?...

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Monitoring, Tracing, and Tracking Manufacturing Processes: What’s the Difference?

Plex Team February 16, 2022

The rise of cloud-based software and advanced analytics has helped manufacturers drill further into Lean and Six Sigma methodologies that improve efficiency and lower costs....

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How OEE and Manufacturing Software Improves Efficiency

Plex Team February 1, 2022

“Efficiency” is a broad term in manufacturing. It means producing or doing something while using the least time, resources, and energy. For companies like yours, that may encompass efficiency of motion, the effectiveness of training, the quality of SOPs, or inventory accuracy. But it’s when all those components are working together that operations achieve their highest efficiency....

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5 Steps for Improving Your Product Quality

Plex Team January 4, 2022

Everyone knows that poor quality can cause headaches that ripple throughout an organization, but not every manufacturer approaches (or even defines) quality the same way. Quality improvement strategies are as old as manufacturing itself, and yet achieving success in this area continues to be a challenge for many in the industry. Done right, and your quality concerns will be reduced to a minimal…

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