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    Where did my quality go?

    Jun 27, 2023 ET

    Managing scrap, rework, and waste is not just a production problem; it impacts the entire system. To build a culture of quality, companies need to identify and manage quality digitally across the entire enterprise. Customers will identify quality issues for you through returns, recalls, and complaints if you don't. It may seem difficult, but quality management expert Brian Martensen has answers.


    Join Brian on June 27th at 2PM during the webinar Where did my quality go? Where he’ll uncover:


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    See Plex In Action!

    Jul 11, 2023 ET

    Want to see Plex in action? We’re happy to show you!


    Come join our monthly live demo session, where a product expert will walk you through a FREE 30-minute demonstration of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform™.


    You’ll learn about Plex’s capabilities around production management, quality management, inventory management, and more!

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