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Argent Tape and Label Accelerates Growth with Plex Systems

May 15, 2018

Argent Tape & Label, which fabricates unique adhesive solutions, leverages Plex Manufacturing Cloud on the path to $10 million in sales in next 2 years.

TROY, Mich., May 15, 2018 – Plex Systems, the leader in cloud ERP for manufacturing, today announced at annual conference PowerPlex that Argent Tape & Label, which fabricates unique adhesive solutions, is leveraging the Plex Manufacturing Cloud on their path to $10 million in sales within the next two years.

Argent creates a range of products, from tamper proof and pressure sensitive labels, to RFIDs and bar codes, for customers in various industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial, and food and beverage.

In 2010, Argent initiated an ambitious growth plan. As part of the company’s transformation strategy, leadership selected the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, including ERP and MES capabilities, as its system of record to connect people, systems, materials, processes and products. Plex enables Argent to utilize an open book management model, with each employee taking ownership and responsibility for company operating metrics. Employees are also tied directly to company’s financial performance, with a gainsharing program that returns a portion of profits to the workforce.

Since implementation, Argent has boosted inventory accuracy to 98 percent, reduced scrap by 23 percent, dropped overall down time by 34 percent, and achieved nearly 100 percent on-time product delivery to customers. For more on Argent’s unique approach to success, read the case study here.

Comments on the News

“Our open book management approach gives every employee access to our books, entrusting them with complete transparency and ownership responsibility,” said Lynn Perenic, president and CEO of Argent Tape & Label. “We rely on Plex for real-time, accurate information across the company, and the ongoing visibility Plex provides is essential to our long-term growth goals.”