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Plex Systems Delivers Supply Chain Planning

April 26, 2016

Plex Systems announced a suite of supply chain planning products to help manufacturers effectively manage their business. Click here to find out more.

Detroit, MI April 26, 2016 – Plex Systems, the leader in cloud ERP for manufacturing, today announced a the launch of a new suite of supply chain planning products aimed at helping manufacturers efficiently and effectively manage their business, all the way from sales and operations planning to production and distribution planning.

The new capabilities provide visibility and control across multiple manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers and demand channels, supporting a comprehensive master production schedule (MPS). New supply chain planning solutions include Plex Master Scheduling, Plex Sales & Operations Planning, and Plex Distribution Planning.

These new Plex supply chain capabilities tie directly into Plex material and production requirements planning, supporting manufacturing organizations from enterprise wide planning to plant floor execution.

Plex Master Scheduling

Plex Master Scheduling helps organizations balance customer demand with available capacity to achieve a data-driven master production schedule, facilitating what, when and how much to produce. Key capabilities include:

  • Sales history-based forecasting, with a variety of best-fit forecasting algorithms;
  • Rough-cut capacity considerations and inventory safety stock models; and
  • Closed-loop manufacturing operations management with support for periodic adjustments.

Plex Sales & Operations Planning

Plex Sales & Operations Planning enables organizations to collect and leverage inputs from sales, marketing, engineering, operations and finance to assess and project demand and supply forecasts. Key capabilities include:

  • Workflow-driven, cross-functional planning;
  • Demand-pattern modeling of what-if scenarios and override options;
  • Enterprise-wide balancing of growth, cost, inventory and customer service; and
  • Support for level-loaded and demand-chase production strategies.

Plex Distribution Planning

Plex Distribution Planning enables enterprise manufacturing organizations to optimize their MPS across a network of distribution and manufacturing facilities. Key capabilities include:

  • Distribution requirements planning;
  • Planned movement of inventory between locations;
  • Location-specific forecasting, safety stocks, costs, lead times and other planning parameters; and
  • Allocation of products to orders before safety stock and minimum order quantity requirements.

Comments on the News

“Manufacturing organizations face unprecedented pressure to meet near instantaneous customer demand, while maintaining both quality and profit margins,” said Karl Ederle, group vice president of Product Management at Plex Systems. “This new suite of supply chain planning capabilities, tied directly into Plex’s proven manufacturing and ERP, provide a comprehensive platform for running a high performance, global manufacturing operation from proactive planning to efficient execution.”