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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Manage the connectivity of "things" on your shop floor.

Making the Most of Data-Driven Manufacturing

As connected devices and equipment become the norm throughout your manufacturing operation, the amount of data collected gives you an unprecedented opportunity to improve operational efficiencies, automate shop floor processes, and transform decision-making. (1:35)

At a Glance

Create and future-proof your IIoT strategy with a native cloud backbone.

Transform your shop floor with automation technologies, sensor data, machine-to-machine integration, and mobility.

Use connectivity to drive productivity and process improvements.

Drive total supply chain visibility throughout your extended enterprise with analytics and business intelligence.

IIoT Drives Connected Manufacturing

All things connected everywhere. Connected devices and equipment is not a new concept to manufacturing—but the proliferation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) changes everything. This “smart” capability is now embedded into almost every device, machine, or piece of equipment so you can extract data at almost every point in your supply chain.

New analytic tools and applications mean you can translate all that raw data into valuable business insights. Connected manufacturing enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of shop floor operations in real time. The sheer volume, velocity and variety of “big data” requires infrastructure to keep up with it today and more importantly, to scale for the future.

The Cloud is the Right IIoT Foundation

IIoT demands connectivity and scale. And while legacy IT infrastructure struggles to keep pace, the cloud embraces it. Cloud elasticity eliminates concerns about storage and computing limitations and provides scalability to support and analyze modern manufacturing data.

The cloud eliminates communication barriers inherent in legacy architectures by connecting all entities and centralizing all data collection and capture, avoiding data silos.

Plex Manufacturing Cloud Enables IIoT

Plex is designed and built for the plant floor, providing the depth and quality of information you need to optimize production.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud centralizes human and data interactivity, machine-to-machine data, data insights, analytics, and business intelligence onto a single database. Plex is the conduit for all data across the enterprise, connecting and integrating new IIoT technology with the scale and accessibility needed as your manufacturing business evolves.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud exploits IIoT “big data” to help you:

  • Respond quicker to down equipment with proactive and real-time monitoring of equipment utilization.
  • Leverage valuable real-time data from your shop floor with machine-to-machine integration.
  • Ensure higher efficiency and more profitable operations with real-time yield and waste tracking.
  • Automate safety and maintenance alerts and for improved production performance.
  • Make faster decisions while driving improved efficiency and higher output with continuous trend analysis.

Marwood Metal Fabrication runs a multi-site stamping and modular assembly business. With machine and PLC integration captured and converted to usable information, Marwood is able to gain insights leading to remarkable results. “With the PLC integration, we automatically report production at a highly detailed level, increase equipment uptime, and ensure a consistently high-quality part output,” said Steve Spanjers, Marwood’s Vice President of Operations. “It completely changes the way we do business.”

From smart glasses to hand scanners to safety beacons to advanced manufacturing analytics and business intelligence, Plex helps you make more informed decisions about your business.. Read about Plex’s machine and sensor integration capabilities and learn more about Plex’s data analysis and manufacturing insight solutions.

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