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Take control of your plant floor with full visibility and connectivity to your manufacturing ERP.

Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides manufacturing decision-makers immediate value through real-time, paperless production management that drives enterprise-wide compliance, quality, and efficiency.

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Reduce costs and increase profitability

By automating tasks, preventing errors, driving in-line quality, and ensuring accurate communication between the top floor and the plant floor.

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Drive plant performance and revenue growth

With a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire production lifecycle.

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Mitigate risk, maintain quality, and protect brand reputation

For both you and your customers with full traceability and operations monitoring.

Plex MES/MOM System Capabilities

  • Error-Proofed Plant Floor Control

    Gain more reliable data for effective decision-making

    In many plants today, people still manually enter much of their data. Plex’s paperless, easy-to-use operator Control Panel automates tasks, preventing human errors and increasing productivity. Plant operators can mitigate compliance risk through database-driven traceability and direct, in-line quality control.

  • A Single Source of Truth

    Empower both your top floor and plant floor to finally work from the same real-time data

    Traditionally, MES/MOM systems contain disparate applications connected through complex integrations. Plex provides a unified solution — that means a single user interface to applications that are designed to work as one. And because it’s in the cloud, you can access your full production lifecycle from anywhere, at any time, on any connected device.

  • Connectivity with Your Manufacturing ERP

    Respond to market demands or customer changes without interrupting production

    Changes from the top floor plan are dispatched to the plant floor scheduler. For every action on the plant floor, there is a transaction in Plex. Our flexible, configurable cloud MES is also easy to deploy, standardize across your enterprise, and connect to your corporate ERP.

Aligned with extreme precision to the pillars of Smart Manufacturing.

Plex MES/MOM Systems are designed to provide immediate value for your company, while preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • Connect

    Connect to operations with a platform designed to support the speed, volume, and complexity of manufacturing transactions.

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  • Automate

    Automate production transactions and manual tasks to ensure greater accuracy and free up workers’ time for higher-value activities.

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  • Track

    Track materials effectively throughout the entire journey, from receipt to shipment – including WIP – to deliver a real-time, granular view of the business.

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  • Analyze

    Analyze data collected at each manufacturing moment in the context of your enterprise-wide goals and metrics.

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Explore Plex MES/MOM’s Features

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    Preview Project Management - Scheduling

    Production Finite Scheduling

    Use a finite scheduling engine to determine which jobs to schedule to which work centers, with resource availability in mind.

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    Preview Quality Management

    Closed-Loop Quality Management

    Maintain quality procedures directly from the control plan for increased process repeatability and predictability.

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    Preview Inventory

    Inventory Management

    Track and manage your inventory in real time, and stay in control with end-to-end traceability.

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    Preview Production Management

    Production Management

    Stay on top of plant floor operations—making the right quantity of the right product at the right time for improved OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

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