Financial Reporting Modules

Make smarter informed financial decisions with accurate, real-time visibility into your company’s finances.

Generate the complex financial reports you need. Use standard financial reports like balance sheets, income statements and cash flows or create your own customized financial report formats. Apply them to multiple companies using multiple levels of consolidation or for intercompany eliminations and currency conversions.

Financial Consolidation

  • Create financial reports, such as income statements and balance sheets, which combine results for two or more companies
  • Consolidate entities with different base currencies, using monthly average exchange rates for revenue and expense items and month end spot rate for balance sheet items
  • Recognize translation gain/loss on the consolidated financial balance sheet statement
  • Drill in from the consolidated statement back to the source transaction of an individual entity
  • Create elimination entries at a consolidated level, which won’t appear in the books of individual entities
  • Manage multiple levels of consolidation, intercompany eliminations, currency conversions and multiple report formats

Financial Statements

Generate standard and custom reports in real time, including:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow
  • Aging schedules
  • Cash disbursements and requirements