Master Scheduling

Make informed decisions about what to produce, how much to produce, when to produce, and set realistic expectations with customers.

Integrated Master Scheduling

  • Execute forecasting and production planning on a user-defined schedule, integrated with the Plex manufacturing operations management and execution system functionality
  • Automate the bi-directional integration with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to push MPS to drive purchasing and production and to pull production performance for adjustments
  • Use delivery performance to determine planning and safety lead times as well as recommend areas for lead time improvements
  • Calculate key metrics for order performance including days late, percent on time, average order replenishment time, etc.

Optimized Capacity Utilization

  • Include multiple shifts, number of resources, number of production lines, production calendar, machine utilization and more for true capacity calculation – across all manufacturing facilities
  • Perform level loading for quarters and months to minimize variability in work center utilization
  • Build supply plans based on quantity on hand, safety stock, sales forecast, open & dependent orders, with an option to override safety stock and lead time settings
  • Reschedule order quantities and due dates to remove over-capacity periods or adjust over-capacity periods with sub-contracting orders

Flexible Planning and Tracking

  • Take advantage of a highly visual data-driven multi-variable production planning system
  • Execute forecasting and planning at item level
  • Time-phase planned replenishment orders as far out as needed
  • Build your plan with confidence using the system-recommended best-fit forecasting algorithm
  • View all demand history in Pareto order, to focus on items that are more important by revenue, margin and/or cost
  • Apply different planning policies for various categories of items
  • Compute order quantities using economic order quantity (EOQ) and/or fixed period methods