Product Demos

Plex provides video demos that give an interactive, inside look at how our Products help you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agility and superior performance.

Cloud ERP Delivers Visibility and Control

Real-time control and view of your financial information - comprehensive and fully auditable. (4:13)

Centralized Control for Your Distributed Enterprise

See how to efficiently manage your financial and supply chain processes with scalability, visibility and control. Drive efficiencies with regional compliance, centralized functions and consolidated reporting in your multi-site manufacturing enterprise. (6:02)

Workforce Management for Manufacturers

Empower your employees, manage skill-sets, comply with regulatory requirements and accurately track time and attendance for payroll calculations. (4:32)

Plan It, Track It, Manage It with Plex

See how to manage complexity with efficient scheduling and a unique Control Panel that gives you real-time visibility all the way to your shop floor equipment. (5:59)

Real-Time Inventory Management

See how high-resolution genealogy and traceability provides an accurate view of your inventory — in real time and at any point in its history. (3:50)

Single Source of Product and Program Information

See how central and secure access to up-to-date information ensures that processes are consistent and repeatable, driving cross-functional alignment between customer demand, engineering, and production. (4:08)

Increased Visibility and Certified Quality

See how comprehensive capabilities integral to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud give you increased visibility and certified quality from your supply chain. (4:16)

Collaborate With Your Suppliers

See how to collaborate with your suppliers for proactive supply chain execution. Procure the right inventory at the right price and time — with trusted quality and traceability. (4:24)

Optimize Your Master Production Schedule

See how an enterprise-wide cross-functional sales & operations planning process can optimize your master production schedule, ensuring superior manufacturing execution and timely order fulfillment. (4:03)

Informed and Timely Decisions for Your Enterprise

The IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application empowers you with self-service, drag-and-drop analytics so you can easily manipulate data—from shop floor to top floor—to make more informed and timely decisions. (4:06)

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