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Mach2 by Kors Engineering

Plex Acquires Kors Engineering

Now, take even greater control of your plant floor.

Production Scheduling

One of the many Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/MOM features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Meet customer demands and synchronize planning between the top floor and the shop floor.

Plex MES/MOM Production Scheduling Capabilities

  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

    Order what is needed, how much is needed, and when it is needed to optimize inventory levels

    Plex helps you plan for every stage of the MRP process. You can forecast based on customer sales revenue, manufacturing quantity, and period, and compute requirements for purchased and manufactured materials. We help you set accurate expectations with customers by providing a reliable delivery date.


    You can also compute requirements for purchased and manufactured materials based on planned production, maintenance, and scheduled downtime and easily convert these requirements into purchase order releases for your suppliers. Define your own MRP refresh schedule for a near-real-time production plan, without having to wait till the end of the day or even the end of the week.

  • Finite Scheduling and Capacity Constraints Management

    Account for work center capacity and available resources to optimize production runs

    With Plex, you can define your own rules, finite capacity, and available resources, including employee skills, tools, and space. You can also sequence operations based on attributes to optimize production runs, alleviating major cost and time conflicts. Multiple scheduling options allow you to level-load production across work centers.

    Plex allows you to explore what-if scheduling scenarios “off-line” to consider additional planning insights and refine the planning engine’s recommendations. You can create reusable job templates with inherited routing operations, required materials and ingredients to further automate the scheduling and constraint management process.

  • Digital Kanban Pull Scheduling

    Eliminate over-production waste

    Kanban scheduling software enables you to optimize the flow of high-volume repetitive parts. Digital Kanban cards are presented to operators on their Control Panel as a signal to initiate required production.


Digital Kanban software helps you manage pull-based replenishments and satisfy production demands efficiently.

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