Lot Management Modules

Accurately manage inventory by “lots” with common characteristics as well as by individual attributes that describe those characteristics.

Lot Management

  • Lot Management is available as a standard feature of Plex Inventory Management
  • Track and manage groups of inventory containers considered effectively identical for all end use purposes
  • Control inventory based on critical lot-specific information such as Best By, Use By, and Sell By dates
  • Designate which supplied materials, work in process, and finished goods are subject to Lot Control
  • Capture and report traceability between multiple lots of, multiple products, and with other associated system data
  • Use this module for both process and discrete manufacturing modes

Lot Attribute Management

  • Lot Management requires the use of Lot Management
  • Define a user-specified list of attributes with associated allowable values and tolerances for any product or raw material
  • Restrict or otherwise override tolerances of saleable products on a customer-specific basis
  • Record lot attribute values of each purchased or produced lot
  • Report historical lot attribute values if they change over time
  • Prevent use or sale of inventory when lot attribute values are unknown or out of tolerance
  • Track a product’s attributes simultaneously with the attributes of that product’s components or ingredients
  • Generate lot-specific and customer-specific Certificates of Analysis
  • Use this module for both process and discrete manufacturing modes