Shipping and Receiving Software - EDI / ASN Integration

Shipping and Receiving Modules

Streamline your shipping and receiving processes to save time and money.

Take complete control of your shipping and receiving. View your customer order releases and the inventory available to fulfill them. Prepare for shipment, including all of the required shipping documents that have been automatically generated for a specific shipment.

Auto Invoicing

  • Automatically create accounts receivable invoices at time of shipment of goods to customer
  • Automatically generate customer invoice data in accounts receivable
  • Associate services and other charges, for example tooling charges, for automatic invoicing triggered by product shipment

Customer Returns (RMA)

  • Manage disposition and effects of product returned by a customer
  • Provide customers with RMA tracking numbers
  • As appropriate, RMAs trigger rejection records, problem control actions and credit memos
  • Returned product is automatically linked to original product traceability
  • Receive purchased materials or customer returns
  • Returned product is automatically inserted into the rework disposition process for inspection, sorting, repair or scrap as appropriate

Drop Shipping from Subcontract

  • Enable outside processors to perform final operations to ship the finished product directly to your customer
  • Handle drop shipments from vendors to customers and inter-plant transfers

Customer Shipping

  • Select inventory and stage it for shipment
  • Take advantage of a color-coded shipping interface for at-a-glance indication of releases requiring fulfillment, available inventory and completeness of shipment preparation
  • Print shipping documents including packing lists, manifests, bills of lading and customs papers
  • Automatically transmit Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs) to customers at ship time through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Ship time fully automatic actions include:
    • Create and post accounts receivable invoice
    • Generate and transmit EDI advanced shipment notice (ASN)
    • Update sales order and release status, as well as balance due
    • Adjust accumulated shipped quantity
    • Send email notification

General Shipping (Non-production Items)

  • Manage miscellaneous shipments of supplier returns, maintenance items, supplies and equipment
  • Use easy and flexible inter-plant transfers to manage the shipment of raw material, work-in-process or finished goods inventory between buildings or divisions of your enterprise