Plex Industrial IoT

Augment and automate decisions with visibility into the performance of shop floor equipment.

Gain Valuable Insight from Shop Floor Equipment

Read how Plex Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) peels back the covers shrouding what is really happening with your critical production hardware to reduce or eliminate surprise disruptions.


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Plex Industrial IoT Capabilities

Setup easily and go-live quickly for “Day one experience”.

Connect to virtually any machine, PLC, or sensor for real-time view of asset status.

View live dashboards with drilldown capabilities from facility, to work cell, or individual asset with easy-to-understand color-coding.

Visualize shop floor asset data alongside MES and ERP data for comparative insights in context.

Access real-time data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Investigate data over time with historical view of logged asset statuses and event logs.

Compare multiple data streams from machines and sensors with graphical trendlines and time-based information.

Secure access to authorized users only.

Plex Industrial IoT Benefits

Understand what is really happening on your production floor:

See What is Happening - Visualize work cells, including the underlying assets that keep things moving—and understand how to improve operational efficiency and respond to potential issues before they happen.

Know What Happened - Real-time monitoring with historical trendlines enable you to learn, diagnose, and improve uptime and performance—and if a quality issue comes back for review, you’ll have a single source of truth to help track down the root cause.

Predict What Will Happen - Identify trends that could disrupt operations or quality performance with accurate, real-time graphs of virtually any performance characteristic for actionable insights about asset performance.

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