Plant Floor Control Modules

Unified production hub to monitor and control inventory, quality and cost in real time.

Schedule and track production jobs (work orders) using process routings and optional job sets (coordinated production of related jobs). Use the Control Panel to perform an array of tasks, including activity reporting in real time, maintaining lot control, collecting inspection data, registering machine status over time, and validating tool and maintenance requirements. Additional functionality includes scrap and rejection tracking, supply (MRO) management and a plant floor console that displays overall plant floor operational status at a glance.

Control Panel

  • Interact with the system via this unique, highly-configurable and easy-to-use touchscreen-optimized interface
  • Directly capture setup, inspection, production, maintenance and tooling hours for labor and workcenter tracking in real time
  • Select production setups from the dispatch list view of the production schedule
  • View bulletins and setup, operation, tooling and maintenance instructions
  • Collect inspection and SPC data on schedules enforced according to production count, elapsed time, shift change or other conditions
  • Select source inventory subject to configurable lot control rules
  • Record production and automatically maintain lot control and traceability, deplete source inventory and increment tool life data
  • Ensure correct tooling is present at the workcenter
  • Ensure compliance with workcenter and tooling maintenance schedules

Job Clock

  • Collect and track labor hours against specific jobs (work orders) via an easy-to-use touch-screen optimized display
  • Display job instructions and other information necessary for production

OEE Reporting

  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a standard and widely recognized indicator of efficiency, quality, performance and availability of production workcenters
  • View OEE results calculated based on data automatically captured by production interfaces

Plant Floor Console

  • Build an on-screen map of your facility that visually depicts workcenters and storage locations in real time
  • Display current workcenter status by color; green indicates “in production,” yellow indicates “in setup” and red indicates unscheduled downtime
  • Click on a workcenter icon to pop up details regarding current status; navigate directly to the Control Panel
  • Optionally use this interface to change workcenter status and automatically create a workcenter log record, track labor hours and move inventory

Production Tracking

  • Track production using reports that provide extremely granular detail or high-level summarization as desired
  • Highly integrated with inventory and lot tracking, tool tracking and scheduling

Scrap Tracking

  • Reduce costs and inefficiency by tracking and analyzing scrap reasons and root causes

Rejection Tracking

  • Track production using reports that provide extremely granular detail or high-level summarization as desired
  • Highly integrated with inventory and lot tracking, tool tracking and scheduling

Shift Setup

  • Define as many distinct shifts as desired
  • Specify shift start and end times, breaks and lunch periods
  • Define shift cycles that determine which days each shift is active
  • Set adjustments of production that occurs shortly before or after midnight but should be reported with the next or previous calendar date
  • Apply different shifts based on workcenter, employee and product
  • Apply overrides to reduce or increase shift times as dictated by production requirements, maintenance or other factors

Shop Assignment Screen

  • Display each employee’s assignment for the day on a marquee information screen

Supplies (MRO)

  • Create and maintain a list of standard maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) items such as supplies, tools, materials and services
  • Easily requisition and re-order these frequently used items

Supply Crib Management

  • Manage maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) supplies using an electronic check in/check out system to capture usage transactions and cost
  • Track barcodes of consumable and returnable items
  • Automatically reorder supplies based on flexible inventory parameters

Workcenter List

  • The Workcenter List is the master list of production workcenters used by the company
  • Workcenters may refer to single machines, work cells made of several pieces of equipment, or areas where work is performed by hand
  • Highly integrated with production tracking, scheduling, capacity planning, preventative maintenance, equipment list and many other modules

Workcenter Tracking

  • Capture events that occur at a workcenter, including production, setup, maintenance and downtime
  • View reports of uptime, availability, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other machine efficiency metrics