Plex Analytic Platform

Rely on a performance-tuned cloud data warehouse to fuel your critical manufacturing reporting and analytics.

Arm your manufacturing users with reporting and analysis, trending, exploration and discovery with the power of an enterprise-grade data warehouse that maximizes performance, empowers business users, and unlocks the power of data.

Cloud Delivery

  • Drive insights rather than spending time building and maintaining an on premise data warehouse.
  • Work from a single version of the truth whether looking at a Plex screen, operational report, or dashboard.
  • Analyze data that is continually replicated from the Plex transactional database with a cloud ERP solution.
  • Rely on an analytic platform that is performance-tuned specifically for reporting and analytics.


  • Rely on an enterprise-class data warehouse that grows as you do rather than overspending to future-proof your investment.
  • Perform data trending, exploration, and discovery with lightening fast performance.
  • Rest assured that analytics will have no impact on transactional performance.

Role-based Access

  • Give end-users the ability to quickly and easily generate their own reports.
  • Access data logically grouped by business domain, such as finance, quality, or production.
  • Unlock the power of role-based dashboards with the addition of IntelliPlex Analytic Applications.