Data Driven Quality Management: The Value of Achieving Quality Maturity

Analyst Research

According to the latest LNS research, 87 percent of quality leaders say that improving operational excellence is a top challenge. Yet, securing executive and cross-functional support to improve quality programs is difficult. Read the report for details on how to build a business case that proves the value of quality programs. You’ll discover:

  • Five justification metrics that show how operational excellence delivers a positive, cross-functional impact. 
  • Quality operational excellence best practices and quantifiable improvements in performance from those best practices.
  • Key elements to achieve quality management maturity that will help you build a business case.
  • Recommendations and actionable next steps for increasing quality operational excellence. 
“Quality leaders must think outside departmental goals and communicate impact in terms that resonate with the audience—leaders from other functions and top executives.” "Data Driven Quality Management: The Value of Achieving Quality Maturity" Analyst Research

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