Evolving Cloud Manufacturing Strategies

Analyst Research

Today, the majority of organizations have some sort of cloud strategy in place and the shift to the cloud continues to strengthen and grow.  Download the latest report from Mint Jutras, “Evolving Cloud Strategies,” where data from 2011 through 2015 is compared to better understand manufacturers’ enterprise software implementations as it relates to cloud as a delivery model.

Key take-aways include:

  • 84% of companies surveyed have a cloud strategy in place
  • 39% agree the appeal of SaaS is not having to maintain hardware or software on-site
  • SaaS has increased as on premise solutions have waned significantly since 2011
“Those with a defined strategy of a moving to the cloud clearly see the potential benefits ... cost savings, more innovation, better support of remote workforces and distributed environments, or simply enabling growth.” "Evolving Cloud Strategies" Analyst Research

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