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Case Studies

Motus Integrated Technologies Drives Continued Improvement with Plex Premium Support

When Motus Integrated Technologies — an award-winning automotive industry staple that produces products like headliners, trays, panels and trim — carved itself out from Johnson Controls in 2014 with support from a private equity firm, it didn’t just mean taking on a new corporate identity. It also meant moving from Johnson Controls’ highly customized ERP & MES systems to a new solution to manage its manufacturing process. And the transition and go-live had to happen quickly, with penalties looming if the company missed the deadline.

At A Glance

Converted 5 plants to the same ERP and MES solution
Gained insights for driving business improvement
Eliminated the need to hire additional team members
Discovered resources and learned new capabilities

Plex and Premium Support helps keep my team very small. We could not replace with two or three people the work that our TAM does within Plex to help us coordinate requests, cases and other Plex-related actions.

Garn Evans
Vice President of IT

As it evaluated potential solutions, Motus knew it didn’t want to be burdened with implementing and maintaining on-premise systems that would require application, database and infrastructure management teams. Moving to a cloud solution just made sense – and so Motus chose the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

Over a four-month period in 2015, Motus converted four of its plants to the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform. And when Motus purchased Leon Plastics, the company moved its three newly acquired plants to Plex in Q3 of 2016. In 2018, Motus divested two plants to another investor. Today, all five plants, as well as its corporate headquarters, run their business on Plex.

“Plex CSS had some very strong players who not only led our first implementation but also coached us so that by the time we were integrating Leon Plastics, we were doing most of the work ourselves. I think that’s a testament to the level of service Plex provides and the intuitiveness of their software,” said Pomeroy.

Driving Continued Improvement with Plex Premium Support

Since its initial implementation, Motus continues to expand Plex’s role in the organization. An integral piece of this puzzle: its Technical Account Manager (TAM), part of the Plex Premium Support program. The high-touch relationship is designed to build on the customer support experience and enhance case closure satisfaction, a consistent outcome of the program across Plex Premium Support customers.

For Motus, bi-weekly calls between its IT team and its Plex TAM provide a collaborative venue to discuss Plex announcements as well as monthly and quarterly product releases. Motus also looks to its TAM to discover new opportunities to leverage Plex.

“We take advantage of the Mentoring Sessions that are available to us,” says Garn Evans, Vice President of IT, Motus Integrated Technologies. “This has given us broader understanding of Plex’s capabilities that we aren’t using today. Our TAM has been very instrumental in coordinating these events.”

In addition to its regular rhythms, the Plex Premium Support team leads annual business reviews with Motus to uncover insights that help drive ongoing business improvement and maximize Plex to its fullest.

Plex Technical Account Manager: The Surrogate Motus Team Member

For Motus, Plex Premium Support and its dedicated TAM operate as powerful extensions of the internal team, eliminating the need to hire additional resources to manage its Plex-related activities.

As a surrogate member of the Motus team, the company’s TAM is focused on knowing the Motus business, understanding the company’s challenges and proactively coming to the table with solutions that help Motus get the most out of Plex.

“Our TAM brings the best of Plex to us through the coordination and orchestration of all the Plex resources,” Evans emphasizes. “Whether it be an issue, new feature education or implementation of untapped capabilities, our TAM is great at helping us find the right resources within Plex to get the job done right.”

About Motus Integrated Technologies


Motus Integrated Technologies is an award-winning manufacturer in the automotive industry, carving itself out from Johnson Controls in 2014. After identifying a need for new ERP and MES solutions, the company began a relationship with Plex Systems in 2015 and has since enjoyed continued improvement through new capabilities and resources.

Industry: Automotive

Location: Holland, MI