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Human Capital Management - Demo

Human Capital Management - Demo

Get an Inside Look at Human Capital Management

Empower your employees, manage skill sets, and accurately track time and attendance for payroll calculations through flexible workforce management. (4:32)


Video Transcription

Plex Human Capital Management delivers a competitive edge to manufacturers through flexible employee management, while providing advanced empowerment of your human resources; and ensuring accurate time & attendance tracking to optimize your greatest assets – your employees. Make the most of your company’s greatest assets through effective employee management.  Empower your human resources with greater visibility and self-service tools. And streamline labor accounting with advanced time and attendance tracking. Let’s take a look at the Plex Human Capital Management system. Davin is a machinist at Edge Corporation. From the employee context menu, you can view everything about Davin as an employee, such as his job description, employee records, and his approved work centers.  Important employee documents can be automatically added to the secure document management system by dragging and dropping directly into the employee record. Davin has recently been certified as an N-I-M-S Machinist Apprentice, so I’ll add the certification to his employee record. 

When Davin comes to work, he’ll first clock in to start his day using the built-in time and attendance system, which supports biometric and card-swipe options.  After clocking into the Control Panel at his assigned work center, Plex automatically begins recording his time and activities against each job. Using the Time-Off Tracking in Plex, Davin has visibility into his total personal time available and can request time off.  Here we see that he has requested vacation time. At any time, he can check the status of his request and can change or cancel it. These actions are communicated to the HR department using Plex’s built-in workflow system. To request training, Davin navigates to the Training Request screen. As part of his job, he needs to be trained on “Lock Out - Tag Out” Safety Standards.  By selecting the “Lock Out - Tag Out” course and clicking “Request” from the Action Bar, the approval workflow process automatically starts. Using the Employee self-service portal, Davin can make a suggestion on how Edge Corporation’s shop floor can be improved. They’ve set up a workflow for handling suggestions which provide timely feedback to the employee. Since Davin has logged time and created requests in Plex, his supervisor, Betty, needs to log in and take action on Davin’s activity. As part of her daily routine, she goes to the time clock approval screen, looks for pending activities, and approves them. Plex uses the information from each manufacturing activity to accurately compute the cost of production.  Davin’s supervisor is also notified by email for the requested time off. By selecting the link within the email, she can quickly view the request in Plex. We can see a pending request from Davin, which the supervisor can then choose to approve, with or without updating the number of hours requested.  Upon approval, Plex informs Davin with the status of his request. This information will be included in the payroll file that is sent to whichever payroll system you use and will be reflected on his paycheck. 

Finally, the supervisor can look at Davin’s job position requirements and confirm that “Lock Out - Tag Out” safety training is indeed a required course for his role. Upon confirmation, she can approve Davin’s request for attending this key safety training.  Plex Human Capital Management delivers a competitive edge to manufacturers through flexible employee management, advanced empowerment of your human resources; and accurate time and attendance tracking to optimize your greatest assets– your employees. To learn more or see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or visit