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Plex MES Solutions: Traceability, Quality, and Peak Performance


Unique Solutions

Plex MES is built around a real-time ecosystem that uses an intuitive control panel that offers data as it occurs.


Unique Solutions

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Modern manufacturers need real-time production management, end-to-end inventory visibility, and closed-loop quality and control. Bringing this functionality to the cloud results in even better informed and connected manufacturing execution. The Plex Manufacturing Execution System delivers a unique cloud MES solution for operational excellence.

Plex MES is built around a real-time production ecosystem that uses an intuitive control panel to collect data and report production activities in real-time, as they occur.  Optionally, machine integration delivers automation and captures data instantaneously.. This gives the business an up-to-the minute view into what is happening on the production floor.

For every action on the production floor, there is a transaction in Plex, so every unit of inventory is scanned and tracked for precise genealogy from receipt through work-in-progress to finished goods, supporting both forward and backward traceability, creating an end-to-end electronic audit trail through the system.

This results in extremely accurate view the business reducing excess inventory and lowering associated carrying costs as well as eliminating unnecessary physical inventory counts.

Plex MES provides integral quality control and built-in error-proofing that provides instant feedback to the operator if they deviate from the control plan. This ensures that processes are consistent and comply with specified quality standards, minimizing waste and improving efficiencies.

In addition, Plex ensures that quality inspections are carried out with paperless, in-process checksheets that provide built-in quality and trending data for statistical process control, or SPC.

Plex MES is the only cloud solution that combines a real-time production ecosystem with built-in, closed-loop quality, and end-to-end inventory traceability.

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