Our commitment to outstanding service and support is evident in every stage of the customer lifecycle, from deployment to continuous innovation.

Laser-Focused on Your Success

Rapid Time to Success

Our goal is to get you up and running successfully on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud as quickly as possible. Plex has the resources to help you achieve rapid time to success.

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Focus on You

A full array of support services are standard with Plex, but premium services are available if you want a higher level of touch.

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Commitment to Increasing Value

Support doesn’t stop at “go live.” Plex stays by your side with continuous product enhancements and ongoing support to help increase your return on investment.

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Plex Customer Success and Support

Take advantage of Plex Professional Services, Customer Support and Education Services to quickly deploy the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and leverage it for your business success.

Professional Services

The Plex Professional Services team has completed thousands of successful Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP deployments.

  • Experts with manufacturing in their DNA make you productive as quickly as possible.
  • We work with you to develop an approach for you and a path to success that meets your needs and delivers results for your business.
  • We earn your business each and every day. Success isn’t just at go-live but is defined by years of value delivered via the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
  • A range of services and packages is offered to meet your specific needs. We focus on you.

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Support Services

Plex customer Support Services is a rapid-response resource to get your product questions answered quickly.

  • Support Service professionals know manufacturing, and they understand how Plex fits in your business.     
  • We understand the urgency you feel when you have an issue.
  • Our experts on the support line strive to make it effortless to resolve your business issues — not just what buttons to click.
  • We offer you choice in how you engage with Customer Support through our higher touch Gold and Platinum Support Services and the always-on, active, and engaged Plex Community.

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Technical Services

Dedicated resources for the most effective way to address your custom content development needs.

  • Custom reports for Visionplex and Intelliplex to enable business intelligence reporting and dashboards for review and collaboration.
  • Data manipulation scripts from unique database queries to mass data manipulation, so you can access, add, delete, or make corrections to your data.
  • Label development services to produce accurate labels to suit increasingly stringent customer standards.

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Plex Enables Innovative Makers in Manufacturing

Discover the possibilities of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. We make production efficient, implementation easy, innovation possible, manufacturing scalable and products on schedule. We work with you to make things that matter.

White Paper

ERP Selection and Implementation Tips

Find out what you need to know when selecting and implementing an ERP system for your organization.

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Data Sheet

Plex Technical Services

Discover how Plex can customize the way your business collects big data to help you make more informed decisions.

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White Paper

ERP Implementation Best Practices

Manufacturers can’t afford lengthy ERP implementations and competition for limited IT resources. This paper shares a smarter approach.

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