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Site Search | Plex
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Newman Technology | Plex
Customer Success Story
Plex Cloud ERP supply chain management enables Newman Technology to eliminate paper-based parts tracking and improves inventory management, purchase orders and accounts receivables.
Valfilm ERP System Transition from SAP | Plex
Learn how the ERP system from Plex is helping Valfilm to make faster, better informed business decisions. Click here to find out more.
Wolverine Advanced Materials Cloud ERP
Customer Success Story
Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP provides a vibration damping and sealing materials supplier an improvement in first-pass quality of 15 to 20 percent.
Wolverine Advanced Materials Consignment Inventory
Customer Success Story
ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud brings supplier of vibration damping and sealing materials the ability to trace all warehouse inventory that has shipped but not yet sold.
Hatch Stamping | Plex
Customer Success Story
Read how this automotive metalstamper uses Plex to manage data for operations spanning the United States and Mexico.
Shape Corp. | Plex
Customer Success Story
Shape Corporation, a global bumper manufacturer replaced disparate systems for improved productivity, quality and enhanced global functionality. See how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud transformed overall business operations.
[OBSOLETE] Bytec, Inc.
Customer Success Story
An automotive supplier used Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP to achieve 100 percent accurate production process traceability.
Aaron Thomas Turns to Cloud ERP Software System | Plex
Customer Success Story, Food and Beverage
Aaron Thomas thinks outside the box and turns to the cloud ERP software system from Plex. Click here to find out more.