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Mark Hawkins
President and Chief Financial Officer,
Leonid Rozkin
Vice President, Francisco Partners
Todd Weeks
Group VP, Cloud Computing
Don Clarke
Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Yuran
Group VP, Human Resources
Fred Hehl
Chief Sales Officer
Jerry Foster
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Shepherd
GVP, Corporate Strategy
Dipanjan (DJ) Deb
Founding and Managing Partner, Francisco Partners
Passion. Innovation. Experience. Manufacturing.
Chris Bishop
Group VP, Global Services
Sameer Gandhi
Partner, Accel Partners
Petri Oksanen
Lead Outside Director, Francisco Partners
Bill Berutti
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Murray
Chief Product Officer
Dave Michaud
Chief Marketing Officer
Advisory Partners
Plex Advisory Partners provide guidance to manufacturing firms on business and technology decisions – and understanding the value of Plex can help these advisors serve their clients better.
Referral Partners
Plex Referral Partners introduce prospective customers to Plex and receive a referral fee when the prospect becomes a Plex customer.
Birch Enterprise Management Consulting (Shanghai)
Birch Enterprise Management Consulting (Shanghai) is headquartered in the Changning district of Shanghai to support the Chinese market.
Plex Partners share our extraordinary commitment to customer service, and you can rely on them to help you get full value from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.