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May 10, 2021
PowerPlex Unstoppable Manufacturers

It’s spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the premier event for unstoppable manufacturers is about to hit a screen in your home office.

PowerPlex is back, which means it’s the time to dive into the latest industry insights, peek into the minds of experts, and uncover the future of manufacturing. But with over 90 sessions, how will you choose which to attend?

Let’s make it easy. As you start to fill in your agenda and block off your calendar, use these three sessions as a starting point. We guarantee you won’t want to miss them.

State of Smart Manufacturing Study Results

Maybe you’ve glanced at our State of Smart Manufacturing report. Maybe you’ve never heard of it. Maybe you sleep with it under your pillow each night. No matter how familiar you are with it, there will be something for you to discover when Plex’s Susie Foran breaks down the study’s most impactful insights and takeaways.

What do 290 manufacturers think about smart technology? How are they addressing their challenges? Why are they confident about their growth opportunities? Your peers answered these questions and it’s time to learn from their answers.

This is the 6th time we’ve conducted our annual in-depth study, but it’s the first one that has a whole year of COVID-19 under its belt. That’s why we set aside a full hour for the conversation. Get ready to dig into the stats, discover how priorities are changing, and reevaluate your smart manufacturing strategy.

Meet the Author: Supply Chain Planning for Dummies

Didn’t read the book all your colleagues (and competitors) are talking about? No worries – homework is optional here. You’ll still discover great insights when you sit in on this discussion with the ultimate supply chain planning tag team.

Author Ara Surenian will be joined by Plex Product Manager Olusola Oduntan to discuss a book that cuts straight to the chase on how to harness the power of SCP. We’re talking about unleashing your business potential, making better decisions, implementing a repeatable process, and more. The knowledge and tips in these areas are the reasons why this is one of the most popular supply chain planning books you’ll ever find.

Still unsure if you’ll attend this session? Ara has over 30 years of experience, invented the Plex DemandCaster SCP solution way back in 2007, and spent part of his career working on missiles. We thought that might change your mind.

Empowering Future Leaders to Break Barriers: A Panel Discussion and Networking Event

For the 7th year in a row, PowerPlex will be home to a discussion and networking event that celebrates women in manufacturing and technology. This year’s event is sponsored by Plex partner Control+M and is the ultimate platform for addressing all the critical questions on everybody’s mind, and we mean everybody; this event is open to ALL!

What does career growth look like? Will the future be more balanced? How can you identify advocates and mentors in your network, and what role does allyship play in the big picture? Get ready for answers from an accomplished panel of women leaders and activists.

Nobody gets ahead alone, which is why we’re featuring a special networking session separate from the panel discussion. Together, and with the encouragement of those around them, women in manufacturing and technology can shatter more glass while continuing to close the gender gap. No matter your background, join this conversation so we can achieve a future where increased inclusivity and equity become our reality.

PowerPlex Sessions Designed for You

Every PowerPlex session has been carefully crafted to tangibly impact your business and professional life. Between the experienced speakers, straightforward presentations, and networking opportunities, a treasure trove of smart manufacturing insight awaits you. And if you’re tied up or want to attend sessions that run at the same time, don’t worry; they’ll be recorded and available in the days and weeks after PowerPlex, but only if you register first!

Get ready for these sessions and more by registering for PowerPlex. It’s free!

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