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Anurag Garg

VP and Head of Analytics & IoT, Plex Systems


About the Author

Anurag Garg is the Vice President and head of Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) at Plex Systems, and is responsible for strategy and delivery of Plex’s Connected Manufacturing and IntelliPlex products. As the former co-founder and CEO of DATTUS, which Plex acquired in 2018, Anurag has been featured in Pumps and Systems, Smart Industry, and Manufacturing Automation. He was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017, included in the list of 40 under 40 Midwest Energy Leaders by Midwest Energy News in 2016, and named a Clean Energy Power Player by environmental entrepreneurial group E2C in the same year. Anurag received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Purdue University, both in electrical engineering, and dropped out of his PhD program in pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

5 Common Myths About Implementing IIoT

Anurag Garg September 15, 2020

By now you’ve likely heard about the benefits of Industrial IoT (IIoT), and you’re probably developing your own IIoT strategy or maybe even looking for ways to deploy this technology within your organization. If my experience helping manufacturers digitize their operations with IIoT is any indication, it is likely you are starting out your journey by trying to answer the wrong question....

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Hype vs. Reality: What’s Happening with IIoT In Manufacturing?

Anurag Garg September 8, 2020

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a technology trend that manages to be overhyped and underrated at the same time. On one hand, IIoT is overhyped because for every optimistic projection about how much of the typical production line will be automated and robotized 10 years from now, according to some experts there’s the reality that fewer than 14 percent of the machines on shop floors…

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Will Jobs Be Lost to Automation?

Anurag Garg October 22, 2019

Product and technology innovation has transformed life as we know it in the last few decades, and the pace of change is only getting faster over the next decade. Inventors and innovators continue to look for ways to make life easier, automate repetitive tasks, and remove the likelihood of human error by teaching machines to do what humans would otherwise do. ...

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Demystifying IIoT: Terms Every Manufacturer Should Know

Anurag Garg August 27, 2019

By now, you’ve heard a lot about the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). It’s a network of always-connected things and systems that produce a steady stream of data, which can generate compelling synergistic analytics that could be used to increase the overall efficiency of a manufacturing operation among other things. ...

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Industrial IoT and the Pragmatic Manufacturer: Lessons Learned from Prime Day 2019

Anurag Garg July 25, 2019

There is quite a lot of hype surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) within the manufacturing industry. Large-scale Industrial IoT pilots driven by enterprise-focused technology companies paint pictures of fully-connected and automated plants, complete with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that promise ROI but require large early investments of time and capital…

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Data Analytics Use Maturing Among Manufacturers

Anurag Garg March 12, 2019

The face of manufacturing looks very different in 2019 than it did 10 years ago; increased competition, downward pricing pressures, tougher supply chain requirements, ageing infrastructure, and a diminishing manufacturing workforce—manufacturers have been challenged to look for ways to do more with less in order to remain competitive. ...

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Disrupting Habits in Manufacturing

Anurag Garg September 5, 2018

If you’ve spent time in tech circles, or if you’ve watched the show "Silicon Valley,” the term “disruptive technology” is used to describe anything new in tech. Unfortunately, the term is overused, and like most items on the Gartner Hype Curve, a lot of today’s “disruptive technologies” will quietly die out before they truly have the chance to disrupt anything. We saw this with all the hype…

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