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Improving Operator Efficiency with Asset Performance Management KPIs

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing
May 16, 2023

Operators and front-line supervisors are critical in keeping equipment running smoothly in any industrial setting. They spend hours controlling machinery, monitoring its performance, making adjustments, and intervening when necessary.

Often, operators are intuitively aware of issues with their machines. They quickly learn each machine's quirks and their normal and abnormal performance. While this intuitive knowledge is valuable, a user-friendly Asset Performance Management (APM) KPI can significantly enhance their performance.

What Is Asset Performance Management?

APM is the process of monitoring, assessing, and analyzing data generated by machine assets to ensure their efficient operation and provide the basis for funding the asset's optimal utilization. A user-friendly APM KPI empowers operators with data to make informed decisions about optimizing production in the event of maintenance, changeovers, and breakdowns.

Benefits of an APM KPI

Asset Performance Management KPIs can unlock opportunity for your operations in several ways: 

Issue Identification

APM KPIs can help operators identify potential issues before they become significant problems. For example, a rising temperature alert displayed on the KPI's dashboard means they can identify the cause of the problem and act before it suffers significant damage or creates a quality defect.

Real-Time Machine Condition Data

Another benefit of an APM KPI is that it helps operators improve efficiency by providing real-time data about machine conditions. If an operator notices a machine is running at lower efficiency than normal, they can use the KPI to identify the root cause of the problem and act. This reduces downtime, increases throughput, and improves overall equipment effectiveness.

Intuitive to Use

Operators are busy people who shouldn’t be spending time navigating confusing data sets or fighting with complicated software. An APM KPI should be designed with the user in mind, with a clear and concise interface that provides operators with the information they need to make decisions quickly and effectively.


APM KPIs are highly customizable. Just as not all industries operate the same way, different operators may have different preferences or priorities when monitoring equipment performance. A KPI should be flexible enough to accommodate differences when merited.

For example, toggling between machine temperature and vibration or noise levels or seeing them displayed alongside one another allows operators to customize the KPI to their needs. This capability improves buy-in and increases the likelihood of operators taking full advantage of functionality to derive maximum value from the data provided.

Aligns with Standard Operating Procedures

A flexible, real-time APM KPI that operators feel comfortable using enables them to effectively apply the company's standard operating procedures across the factory. This achievement means that operator performance and machine utilization align with the company's business practices in real time.

Using Asset Performance Management Software to Improve Your Operations

If you want to empower your operators and increase their efficiency, look for a software solution that can fit into your ecosystem to leverage real-time data and analytics while protecting your assets from the top to the bottom of your organization. One like Plex Asset Performance Management, which offers real-time visibility, contextual traceability, built-in analytics, and preventative data to ensure your machine assets work for you in optimum operating conditions. 

Learn more about how Plex Asset Performance Management can improve your operations here.

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