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Bring in the Cat and Lock the Door: Securing Your Manufacturing Data

Plex Team July 18, 2023

On days when the temperature is just right, there's nothing like a screen door to let in the breeze and sunlight and keep out the bugs. While that image is idyllic for quiet afternoons at home, it's a nightmare for the security of a smart manufacturer whose greatest need is to secure their data.The reality is, in business, the temperature isn't always right. And while no one wants bugs in and out…

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How Smarter Manufacturing Makes You the Envy of the Neighborhood

Plex Team July 6, 2023

It’s hard enough keeping up with new products or system upgrades offered by the OEMs that built the equipment for your manufacturing operation. Staying current on software updates, new and more efficient electronics, and retrofits to add new functionality is difficult for even the most experienced managers and maintenance teams....

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Think Strategically to Act Tactically

Plex Team June 20, 2023

Having a sound strategy can make all the difference in war, life, and business. With it, there are clear goals and directions on where you are going and how you will get there. Without it, you risk wandering, moving from band-aid to band-aid to fix problems....

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Make Compliance a Value-Added Feature of Your Operations

Plex Team June 6, 2023

An old saying says, “you can’t fight city hall.” And while this is a bit of a cynical take on working alongside government bodies and other regulatory authorities, it reflects the frustrations of those in manufacturing who must keep up with seemingly endless new compliance requirements.Regulatory compliance is essential to most industries. Product liability, safety concerns, public health, fair…

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Improving Operator Efficiency with Asset Performance Management KPIs

Plex Team May 16, 2023

Operators and front-line supervisors are critical in keeping equipment running smoothly in any industrial setting. They spend hours controlling machinery, monitoring its performance, making adjustments, and intervening when necessary.Often, operators are intuitively aware of issues with their machines. They quickly learn each machine's quirks and their normal and abnormal performance. While this…

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Beating the Devil in the Details

Plex Team April 25, 2023

Imagine driving down a dark road at night. You're cruising along, listening to the radio, and suddenly, your engine dies. You look down and see the “Check Engine” light as you ease to a stop on the side of the road.If your car is older, the technology on board may tell you nothing other than that your engine has a problem. If you're lucky, and your car's onboard technology is a bit more advanced…

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Clearing Your Manufacturing Hurdles with the Right Software

Plex Team April 20, 2023

On your mark.Get set.Go!As the starting gun cracks, athletes streak down the track to clear hurdles in a race to the finish line. Some will clear them all, others will knock over one or two, and one athlete might seem incapable of getting the rhythm, height, and pace correct and crashes into them all....

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Key Takeaways from the Smart Manufacturing Software Buyer's Guide

Plex Team April 12, 2023

With advanced technology driving industrial digitization across the globe, companies are reaching new heights in efficiency, process optimization, and other revolutionary achievements unheard of even a few years ago.To stay competitive, it's essential to identify superior solutions that align your company with all these technologies. But choosing the best software solution to accomplish this isn’…

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Walking a Tightrope: How Automotive Manufacturers Find Balance in Digital Transformation

Plex Team March 30, 2023

Watching aerial artists walk a tightrope is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Whether over a raging waterfall, between skyscrapers, or across cliffs, we marvel at the skill and balance of the person on the rope....

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How Smart Manufacturing Lets You Create the KPIs You Need

Plex Team March 15, 2023

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for manufacturing. They are signposts that help you determine which areas of your operation are performing to expectations and which need improvement.But KPIs can be challenging to create if you’re unsure what data points you should track or if your manufacturing operation has unique requirements based on your industry, level of connectivity, or…

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