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Production Monitoring KPIs – Greater Visibility Means Higher Production

Production Management, Big Data, Fourth Industrial Revolution
December 6, 2022

The U.S. military uses advanced technology to extend the capabilities of its systems. From satellite images to radar and "eye in the sky" electronic surveillance planes, the goal is to extend visibility past the horizon so troops can see whatever is coming their way. They can see a macro version of a field to view the entire picture or zoom in to look at individual buildings, vehicles, or people.

Similarly, a modern production monitoring system in manufacturing can enable complete factory floor visibility using technology and big data analytics. Companies are finding the same value in visibility from the high view to precise targeting of performance at the equipment level.

Benefits of Greater Visibility

There are many benefits to greater visibility on the production floor. These benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Higher efficiency
  • Greater productivity
  • Better quality
  • Higher equipment utilization
  • Real-time KPIs

The Value of KPIs in Production Monitoring

Production monitoring KPIs provide the "lens" for shop floor visibility. Real-time production monitoring software uses KPIs to deliver insights and information to users so they can interpret machine conditions, review progress, compare performance to other machines nearby, and a host of additional information.

These insights allow them to intervene before problems have a chance to worsen. They also help align efforts, resources, and staff to the right actions because everyone speaks the same language and sees the same results.

Common KPIs for Production Monitoring

A production monitoring system will deliver higher visibility so your team can react and respond quickly.

Here are a few of the most common KPIs for production monitoring:

  1. Downtime – As one of the most important manufacturing KPIs, knowing downtime in real time helps provide a tactical response to intervene and develop long-term strategies that reduce or eliminate it in the future.
  2. Takt Time – By knowing how much time it takes to perform a task or produce a finished good, managers can identify process bottlenecks. A smart manufacturing platform lets users zoom in to the machine or spindle level and outward by shift, department, or operator.
  3. Total Count – Completed units can be divided into individuals, machines, departments, shifts, or facilities.
  4. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – OEE was traditionally calculated manually. But with data collection through sensors and other collection methods, OEE is tracked digitally to show the effect of quality, performance, and availability. Each category can also be expressed with its own KPI over the period.
  5. Production Volume – Also known as rate, this KPI constitutes the speed at which parts or goods are produced.
  6. Work In Process (WIP) – WIP helps teams identify bottlenecks and address issues of flow through the production process. Too much WIP may starve downstream products and add labor to manage staging for the extra material.

Using Production Monitoring Software to Improve Visibility

Production monitoring is about visibility. It allows teams and managers to see the actual performance and conditions on the floor. It also allows users to zoom in and out to micro and macro views, depending on their job.

A robust, best-in-class production monitoring system will create complete visibility on the production floor, allowing operators to act quickly when problems arise. It also allows teams to develop better processes or implement data-driven process improvement initiatives, enabling everyone to make changes more rapidly and with greater agility. A leading solution like Plex Production Monitoring software can be deployed as a stand-alone software solution or as part of a smart manufacturing platform to provide complete production visibility to realize these benefits.

If you’re ready to see over the horizon and zoom into the details for superior visibility, Click here to learn how Plex Production Monitoring can be your eye in the sky for better processes and performance.

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