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How Smarter Manufacturing Helped These Companies Beat 2023’s Biggest Challenges

Plex Team January 9, 2024

As we look back on 2023, the ripple effects of the pandemic continued to shape manufacturing as businesses reassessed, adapted, and innovated in response to the many challenges the year brought. Businesses are rethinking their manufacturing strategies, leveraging cutting-edge tools to navigate unprecedented roadblocks. From enhancing visibility and agility to embracing automation not only to…

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Streamlining Production with the 2022 Business Operations Transformer Impact Award Winner

Plex Team September 19, 2022

We live in an ever-changing world and sometimes business must change with it. Faced with a changing business after a recent spin-off from a larger company and a global pandemic, this company responded by implementing Plex and completely transformed their business....

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Preparing for the Future with the 2022 Industry Leader Impact Award Winner

Plex Team August 29, 2022

To be a leader, you must set the bar for your industry and redefine the way that companies succeed and grow in your field. By leading within your specific industry, you can exceed expectations and break out of the box....

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Smarter, Together: Connecting Customer Influence to Positive Business Outcomes (Part 4 of 4)

Anthony Murphy February 23, 2022

In earlier posts of this series, we talked about Plex’s core principles of customer influence, how we approach influence, and how we capture it:...

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Feetures and Benefits: Lessons in Change, Growth, and Giving Back

Plex Team September 27, 2021

It happens a lot: strangers walk up to Hugh Gaither and take off their shoes. Awkward, right? Not for Hugh. He’s the founder and CEO of Feetures, America’s top running sock brand. And if enthusiastic customers want to show off their Feetures socks, he’s all for it....

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