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Streamlining Production with the 2022 Business Operations Transformer Impact Award Winner

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September 19, 2022

We live in an ever-changing world and sometimes business must change with it. Faced with a changing business after a recent spin-off from a larger company and a global pandemic, this company responded by implementing Plex and completely transformed their business.

Our annual Impact Awards recognize and honor Plex customers who have faced today’s turbulent environment with determination, rising to any problems that they may face. Kendrick Plastics rose to the challenge, transforming how they react to changes and ultimately taking home the 2022 Business Operations Transformer Impact Award. They are not only utilizing real-time data but are also using machine-connected metrics to exceed their customers’ expectations every day.

Kendrick Plastics

Kendrick Plastics, founded in 2020, is a leading supplier of decorative interior trim components to the automotive industry. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they design, engineer, and manufacture world-class products. After beginning the process of spinning off from a larger company, the manufacturer prioritized finding business systems that were appropriate for their newly sized organization. They made the decision to implement Plex, knowing that it would streamline their operations. Plex allowed them to consolidate 27 systems into one platform, which aligned well with their company, having been born and bred in the cloud.

What Makes Kendrick Plastics a Transformer?

Incredibly, Kendrick Plastics implemented Plex during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did they transform their business seamlessly during this implementation, but they did so under difficult circumstances. Plex provided Kendrick Plastics with data on both manufacturing operations and financial performance in real-time. This drastically changed how they did business, giving employees more accurate and accessible data on a reliable platform. They also built real-time pace boards that allow the entire Kendrick Plastics team to see Plex production records as they work. This not only increases productivity, but also motivates employees by giving them the ability to see their progress at a glance and with minimal effort.

Kendrick Plastics strives to continually be the first choice for decorative interior trim components and assemblies. The use of real-time scrap data allows the company to quickly see where scrap is located and respond fast enough to correct the active drivers. With Plex, Kendrick Plastics uses connected data to give their Machine Operators the ability to electronically order everything that they need during their shifts based off the bill of material. This gives them the opportunity to order everything from packaging, WIP, purchased part inventory, and even finished goods inventory pick-up in record time.

Improving Scrap and Production with Industry 4.0 Technology

On the off chance that something unexpected occurs, Kendrick Plastics uses Plex to quickly make an announcement, keeping employees informed and helping to control downtime by making it known. They are also capturing process data of the product through the entire process. This ensures that every part has been through the correct machines and has registered as a “pass” before the process is completed.

Kendrick Plastics has seen incredible results with Plex since their implementation in 2020. Scrap rate has significantly decreased and Kendrick realized 90% production attainment. They also have tighter controls on indirect and direct labor percentages as part of sales. Operators are empowered to request the product and support they need without having to leave their work centers. The organization is also approaching industry 4.0 with a pragmatic approach by carefully selecting their processes to improve business.

The 2022 Business Operations Transformer Impact Award

For Kendrick Plastics, the transformation of business with real-time data thanks to Plex has allowed them to identify manufacturing variances and make corrections throughout the day and in record time. Plex’s easy-to-use platform gives employees across the organization access to important data as soon as it’s needed.

Having used Plex to its full potential for two years, Kendrick Plastics is consistently developing new innovations. This provides them with increased visibility both in machine-related processes and human-driven processes. Stakeholders also actively participate in Plex’s User Community, sharing knowledge on how they have improved their processes with others in similar positions. They are a strong advocate for Plex, and we are confident that Kendrick Plastics will continue to do incredible work in the automotive field. Congratulations again!

If you’re interested in learning more about Kendrick Plastics and their transformation with Plex, you can view their case study here.

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