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Streamlining Production with the 2022 Business Operations Transformer Impact Award Winner

Plex Team September 19, 2022

We live in an ever-changing world and sometimes business must change with it. Faced with a changing business after a recent spin-off from a larger company and a global pandemic, this company responded by implementing Plex and completely transformed their business....

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Preparing for the Future with the 2022 Industry Leader Impact Award Winner

Plex Team August 29, 2022

To be a leader, you must set the bar for your industry and redefine the way that companies succeed and grow in your field. By leading within your specific industry, you can exceed expectations and break out of the box....

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The Top 10 Moments of ROKLive 2022

Plex Team June 29, 2022

What happens when you put 2,000+ manufacturing-minded people in the same place at the same time? A lot. During the course of ROKLive 2022, we learned, we laughed, we ate, we sang, we got sunburned, we networked, and so much more. Whether you lived it or missed it, let’s look back at takeaways from the week. There are so many highlights that picking favorites is like picking a favorite child (or…

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Explore the Key Topics of ROKLive 2022

Plex Team June 1, 2022

You know that feeling when you’re looking at a couple dozen delicious ice cream flavors but aren’t sure which one to pick? You might stand there a few minutes, debating the merits of chocolate chips vs. chocolate chunks, until you realize you’re blocking the aisle and finally make your decision....

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Add These ROKLive Sessions to Your Agenda

Plex Team May 18, 2022

Have you booked your flight to Orlando for ROKLive 2022? Or are you learning more about the smart manufacturing event of the year before you decide to register? Either way, this blog is for you....

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7 Reasons to Attend ROKLive 2022

Plex Team May 5, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard of ROKLive. Maybe you already know it’s the best manufacturing technology conference that you can find, held by industry leaders Plex Systems and Rockwell Automation. But is that enough to justify booking your ticket to Orlando for this June? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s make this the easiest decision of your week by laying out the reasons why manufacturing professionals just like…

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