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Explore the Key Topics of ROKLive 2022

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June 1, 2022

You know that feeling when you’re looking at a couple dozen delicious ice cream flavors but aren’t sure which one to pick? You might stand there a few minutes, debating the merits of chocolate chips vs. chocolate chunks, until you realize you’re blocking the aisle and finally make your decision.

ROKLive is like that (kind of). With over 125 sessions and 70+ led by Plex, you’re going to have some choices to make. The good news is you’re encouraged to make multiple selections, and the better news is that we’re here to help you plan your experience.

The following key topics cover the areas currently impacting your operations, and ROKLive’s sessions are organized within them. Whether you want to go deep and attend many sessions from one key topic or go wide and learn a little from each of them, you’ll be discovering the latest solutions, proven best practices, and insights from manufacturing technology experts.

Analytics and Data Management

Explore new opportunities to efficiently collect, contextualize, and organize industrial data across your machines, devices, and assets. See how actionable insights spanning your line, plant, and enterprise can help your team meet crucial KPIs. You’ll learn how to manage maintenance in one place, hit production targets, and reduce costs.

Business Management

Learn how other companies are using Plex technologies to achieve operational excellence. You’ll hear firsthand how manufacturers have applied, adjusted, and refined how they do business more efficiently and with greater productivity.

Cybersecurity, Networks, and Infrastructure

The security landscape is ever-changing and it’s urgent that you safely secure your enterprise. Learn how to best manage your network, enable devices, and introduce additional security measures that will impact your operational productivity and help protect from unplanned downtime, supply chain shortages, and ransomware attacks. We will explore the options available for enabling remote access through application use cases, technology, and functional overlaps.

Digital Engineering

Recreating products and processes in the digital world can unleash new insights and efficiencies in your operations. Whether you’re designing and commissioning machines or managing production in a plant, digital engineering has the potential to enhance your business by accelerating time to value, improving productivity, and unlocking data value. Connect with our SaaS experts to see the latest configurations and explore how we’re streamlining system-focused design.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is critical for overcoming challenges with the skilled worker shortage, supply chain management, and risk mitigation. Explore the newest possibilities available to help you adapt to a changing market, revolutionize your operations, and unlock long-term opportunities.

Industrial Automation and Control

Explore the future of industrial automation – from SaaS solutions, preventive maintenance strategy, to integrating robots into your manufacturing operation. We’ll highlight the new features and capabilities of the visualization portfolio and demonstrate how you can work faster and smarter. We’ll help you minimize downtime and maintenance while improving your operation’s effectiveness.

Industry Trends and Applications

Join industry-specific discussions focused on your biggest challenges: changing market demands, shortened production times, the workforce gap, security threats, and more. We’ll discuss best practices, proven use cases, and share our experiences to help improve your operations.

Operations Management

Empower your workers and systems with the right data at the right time. We’ll explore ways to extract critical and necessary intelligence to make rapid decisions, reduce downtime, and improve performance.

Plex Customer Success

Gain insights on how to navigate the resources, tools, and programs available to you to ensure customer success and continued alignment with Plex.

Plex Platform and Technology

Learn about the latest in tools for administrators, business analysts, and IT professionals including APIs, EDI, IAM/SSO, and mobile functionality.

Plex Technology Roadmap

Get a first look into the development roadmap at Plex as our development engineers and subject matter experts take you on a deep dive into what’s in store for product enhancements.

Process Solutions and DCS Solutions

Digital transformation is rapidly changing multiple process industries and the platforms as we know it. Learn how to accelerate your digital journey, leverage IT and OT security strategies, automate system orchestration, and see what’s on the horizon for batch and sequencing solutions.

Supply Chain

Dive deep into supply chain solutions for today and the future. From supply chain synchronization, machine learning capabilities, planning, and supplier networks, we’ll cover the basics and talk about what’s next. Leading companies will present their ways of managing today’s issues and talk about proven use cases.

Workforce Productivity

From digital workers and augmented reality to remote operations, technology is transforming the way we work. Discover how the latest digital innovations can help you navigate the skilled workforce shortage while maximizing safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Which Key Topic Sessions Will You Attend?

Picking where to spend your time at ROKLive 2022 might feel a little different than picking a flavor at Baskin-Robbins, but either decision begins by getting informed of your options. And since ROKLive takes place in sunny Orlando in mid-June, there’s an argument to be made that ROKLive and ice cream go together like vanilla and chocolate chip (or chunk).

To learn more about the specific sessions within each key topic, visit the ROKLive website here.

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