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7 Reasons to Attend ROKLive 2022

Smart Manufacturing, ROKLive
May 5, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard of ROKLive. Maybe you already know it’s the best manufacturing technology conference that you can find, held by industry leaders Plex Systems and Rockwell Automation. But is that enough to justify booking your ticket to Orlando for this June? Maybe.

Maybe not.

Let’s make this the easiest decision of your week by laying out the reasons why manufacturing professionals just like you can’t wait to walk through the doors of the Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

Get Insights from All the Sessions You Can Handle

With more than 125 unique sessions and over 70 of them led by Plex, we are not messing around. These sessions are the heart of ROKLive and they encompass any area of smart manufacturing or industrial transformation that you can imagine. Looking for tips on connecting your enterprise or uncovering data that leads to better decisions? We’ve got that. Want help navigating supply chain challenges or a strategy for combatting the skilled worker shortage? You already know it’s waiting for you. Review the session catalog right here for more.

Party at the World’s Largest Hard Rock Café

After the last two years of virtual events and Zoom fatigue, the last thing you want to do is go to a boring conference. If you miss cutting loose at the end of your day’s agenda, filling your plate with delicious food, and enjoying an upbeat scene, then you’re just like us. That’s why we’ve planned a party nearby at the world’s largest Hard Rock Café for Wednesday night.

Learn from Manufacturing Leaders

Whether we’re talking about the speakers or your fellow attendees, you’re going to have the chance to be around industry experts. You’ll learn from CEOs, CTOs, VPs, and specialists in operations, maintenance, and engineering who are adopting smart manufacturing technology. It’s like being with your LinkedIn connections in real life, and they’re all ready to discuss solutions to the industry’s (your) challenges.

Network, Network, Network

Let’s double down on the people aspect of ROKLive. All those leaders we just mentioned? They’re not just talking at you. They’re talking with you. They’re hanging out and they’re trading business cards. It’s the kind of networking you’ve been missing. Many attendees haven’t been to an event like this since before the pandemic, so expect 1,500 tech-savvy manufacturing professionals eager to talk shop.

Put Real Manufacturing Technology in Your Hands

ROKLive isn’t a conference where you just sit back and listen. It’s not an event where you’re only there to eat the food and grab the swag (but please do both). ROKLive is where people go to get their hands directly on the technology that puts manufacturers ahead. You’ll experience that firsthand at the Connected Enterprise Expo, comprised of 30 interactive exhibits showcasing the latest industry innovations.

Visit the Theme Parks

Whether it’s Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Mickey Mouse, you’re probably harboring a deep love for something within a 10-mile radius of ROKLive. This event can be your built-in excuse to visit Orlando’s theme parks. Get ready to hop on the Millennium Falcon, stroll through Hogsmeade with your butterbeer, or ride the teacups with your mouse ears on, because you’re in the neighborhood (literally - Universal is across the street and you can see rollercoasters from ROKLive’s driveway).

See the Power of Plex + Rockwell

When two leaders join forces, amazing things can happen. It’s true for sports trades, it’s true for song collaborations, and it’s definitely true in the business world. All eyes are on the new partnership, waiting to see what the union will produce. At ROKLive, you’ll witness the synergy that happens when two powerhouse organizations, Plex Systems and Rockwell Automation, team up. Spoiler alert: expect to see some big things!

Ready for ROKLive 2022?

When you started reading this blog five minutes ago, you were at least casually interested in ROKLive. How do you feel now? Are you ready to join the experts, talk to your peers, and experience the latest in manufacturing technology from June 13-16? If you still need another reason to go, we’ve got you covered. Learn more below and we’ll see you at the Hard Rock (look for this writer admiring the Elvis suit).

Click here to see every detail about ROKLive 2022 and register today.

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