Hausbeck Pickles Leverages Data-Driven Quality Management

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Hausbeck Pickle Co. produces an average 400,000 pounds of pickles or peppers a day for some of the world’s largest fast food restaurants including Subway, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and KFC. The nearly 100-year-old company headquartered in Michigan also manages 900 50,000-pound tanks for brining pickles. For every 33,000 lbs. in the tanks, they get 22 pallets of pickles. They do this with extreme accuracy because their system of record is the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Prior to implementing Plex, the company managed quality with manual processes. This made retrieving critical data cumbersome and opened the door for potential errors. With Plex, Hausbeck not only captures production as it happens but if certain steps don’t meet quality specifications, the system will send alerts and won’t continue to the next step until the issue has been fixed. In addition, production process documentation and work instructions are all available in digital format at all work centers—so everyone is working from the same set of procedures. Quality documentation captured digitally allows Hausbeck to eliminate multiple binders, filling cabinets, and databases—making audits as simple as logging into a single system.

Most important Hausbeck can demonstrate compliance with customer specifications. One of the company’s biggest customers, Subway, rates suppliers based on scorecards—and providing comprehensive traceability is a major requirement. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enabled Hausbeck to be one of Subway’s first suppliers to provide digital reporting, proving that the pickle company is a strategic partner.

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