With Cloud Manufacturing, Polamer Precision Keeps Flying High

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Polamer Precision, a top-tier supplier of aerospace components, is flying high thanks in part to Plex, a cloud-based manufacturing enterprise resource planning system.

The company has been able to grow at an unprecedented rate by innovating through technology and out-of-the-box thinking. Polamer Precision successfully manufactures complex aerospace components that most others in the industry cannot produce. Many of the parts manufactured by Polamer Precision are made of high-temp exotic alloys for hot sections of engines which endure extremely harsh operating conditions. Their portfolio of clients includes Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation, Hanwha Techwin and other leading global aerospace companies.

The continuing challenge for Polamer Precision is to be able to produce difficult to manufacture parts to exacting standards while reducing costs and maintain steady supply to clients. The key to solving this problem was to create a much more efficient manufacturing process thereby reducing waste and costs.

CEO Chris Galik and his team had made the decision to invest in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to overcome some of their challenges and to compete with larger manufacturers on a global scale. At the time, a major ERP system typically used by other manufacturers in the aerospace industry was not feasible nor did it make financial sense. They began searching for other options implemented in other industries that were typically overlooked by the aerospace industry. Their ingenuity eventually led them to Plex. Polamer Precision went all-in and successfully integrated the cloud-based ERP system.

Why “Pay-as-You-Grow” Makes Sense

Polamer Precision found the scalability and flexibility in Plex that they needed. The cloud-based system made sense for several reasons. The company only pays for the functionality they use. Although Plex has many features for a multitude of industries, not all of them need to be utilized for their application. This amounts to a cost savings.

Data in the cloud means the company can link their locations together and work off the same platform with real-time data and no lag time. Integrating future locations anywhere on the globe is a breeze without having to reconfigure much.

Faster Data, Better Results

Polamer Precision uses Plex as its single repository for departmental data. All departments from HR to Quality send real-time data to the cloud. Employees, vendors, and customers have quick access to much needed data at their fingertips.

Whereas other competitors often remain slow in providing critical data, Polamer Precision enjoys a competitive edge in all aspects of the business. Efficiency is at an all-time high thanks to critical data which flows quickly to every department. Machine uptime is higher, operator efficiency is monitored, a paperless system is in place, and every other business process runs smoothly.

Traceability is also faster and more accurate. Polamer Precision is able to monitor every component at every stage of the manufacturing process. Information related to quality, engineering, etc. are all analyzed for continuous improvement. Integrating robotics and automation also becomes easier.

Competing on a Global Scale with Plex

Polamer Precision not only found a way to keep up with day-to-day operations, but the company found a way to rise above many of its competitors through innovation and vision. The company’s revenue has been doubling year after year. A major part of that innovation was being able to maximize Plex. Polamer Precision leveraged their industry experience, emerging technologies and cutting-edge automation techniques to push revenue to an impressive $250,000 per employee. Customers and vendors are also impressed with the benefits of the cloud-based ERP system and hope to implement similar solutions within their organizations. The future for Polamer Precision is limitless.

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