IDC MarketScape Names Plex a Major Player in Discrete Manufacturing Execution Systems

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The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Execution System 2016 Vendor Assessment —provides a great perspective on manufacturing execution systems (MES). Plex Systems was fortunate to be one of the six vendors assessed, and the only native cloud ERP/MES provider. Several things stood out:

  • Leading MES solutions need to ensure a connected environment—no plant should be an island.
  • Broader manufacturing operations and system capabilities are a good thing.
  • MES systems are central to information collection and dissemination.
  • MES systems should easily integrate or communicate with innovative technologies and systems.

These are important guidelines when considering an MES (or a full ERP) system. Traditional, legacy software solutions are not capable enough or architected in a way to fully connect plants, processes, and information. As a result, manufacturers are forced to treat each plant like its own silo with its own software. This wastes time and resources consolidating information (often paper-based) to deliver to users, to management or to some central reporting function. In addition, legacy software solutions lead to an inefficient supply chain by trying to provide accurate information derived from manually entered (and thus error-prone) data from multiple locations not delivered in real time.

The report also points out that MES applications need to support a broad set of capabilities like material track and trace, quality management, and data collection, among others. Too often, each of these capabilities are add-ons or afterthoughts in legacy systems.

The IDC MarketScape rightly points out that the best systems need to live by the “Global Plant Floor” concept, which consolidates manufacturing into a single managed system. Having a single, modern connected system enables manufacturers to take advantage of innovations that will lead them forward, like integrating and managing machine to machine communication, leveraging industrial Internet of things (IIoT) capabilities, and introducing new products and services that promote smarter manufacturing.

At Plex, the core of our solution is a native cloud architecture. Cloud ERP enables customers to consolidate all enterprise information—from all locations, machines, users, customers, and suppliers—into one place. In doing so, manufacturers automate what were manual or paper processes, eliminating errors through built-in checks and balances, and minimizing risks. The Plex Manufacturing is also versionless, which means all customers operate from a single, continuously updated code line which means not having to manage software versions and upgrades. This enables manufacturers to focus on what they do best instead of managing IT.

Both as a standalone MES and as a more expansive full ERP solution, Plex views manufacturing in its entirety versus a series of individually stitched together components. This means manufacturers have one place and one integrated system, including its extended supply chain planning (SCP). The Plex Manufacturing Cloud also delivers the flexibility to quickly integrate new technologies and, because Plex has a single line of code, those new technology integration processes become universal across the entire Plex customer base.

As you look for solutions to both address manufacturing challenges and shortcomings, and that will also prepare your company for the future, consider the IDC MarketScape’s guidance. You will find that integrated systems built on modern cloud platforms provide the best path forward.

Read an excerpt of the report for more insights. Download the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Execution Systems 2016 Vendor Assessment here. 

IDC: Discrete MES 2016 Vendor Assessment

Read this report to learn why Plex Systems is positioned as a “major player” among six MES vendors for discrete manufacturers by IDC.

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