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Bhar, Inc.

Bhar Boosts Efficiency 30 Percent and Improves Customer Satisfaction

At a Glance

Automotive and industrial injection molder improves operational efficiency by 30 percent with cloud ERP

Company selected Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP for its seamless integration and continuous enhancements.

Bhar was up and running on the new system within 120 days.

Supply chain traceability and accountability increase customer confidence and serve as competitive advantages.

Manufacturing companies that thrive in a competitive environment do so by setting up improved business practices. By drilling down into operations, successful manufacturers are able to discard inefficiencies as they improve growth and productivity. Working in an atmosphere of complex regulatory requirements and sophisticated supply chain management, operational efficiency is both a profit center and the newest manifestation of customer service.

Custom injection-molding manufacturer Bhar, Inc., is an example of how operational efficiency can be elevated to a competitive advantage.

About Bhar, Inc.

Serving the automotive and other industries for more than 30 years, this leader in large tonnage injection molding realized that its commitment to quality and growth would be diminished if it did not introduce an ERP solution.

Bhar’s key systems were disconnected from one another and its business processes were inefficient. For example, MRP and JRP were both done in Excel, with reporting handled largely by hand. These manual processes were prone to error and led to duplicate efforts in purchasing, scheduling and inventory.

Not only were the cumbersome processes a drain on efficiency, they also made informed decision-making time-consuming and difficult. Bhar was operating without real-time information about its inventory and material orders, diminishing its ability to plan with accuracy or deploy just-in-time management processes.

The company knew what it needed out of an ERP system to improve the conversion of increased revenues into higher profits. Bhar needed a system that would enhance its information flow, speed decision-making, and streamline business processes. Seeking a single solution that would do all of this, Bhar chose ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Bhar selected the robust Plex Cloud ERP solution because it addresses the specific needs of manufacturing companies. Before launching Plex, Bhar had primarily used Excel for its data collection and reporting in addition to separate accounting and EDI software systems. It struggled to implement regular company-wide software updates. The injection molder wanted to focus on its core competencies rather than software version control and on-site server security. Consequently, Bhar embraced cloud ERP, choosing Plex for benefits such as:

  • Continuous customer-driven updates without downtime or business disruption
  • Anywhere, anytime access to information via the Internet
  • No cost for licenses, maintenance or internal support

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, or SaaS (Software as a Service), solution made perfect business sense. Its pricing model made world-class ERP affordable as an annual subscription, instead of requiring a substantial capital investment in IT infrastructure with costly, recurring upgrades and licensing renewals.

120 Days to a Better Business

While many manufacturers take a phased approach to ERP system implementation, based on the affected business processes, Bhar was able to launch multiple features almost simultaneously with Plex. The company began with shipping and EDI functions to comply more readily with customer requirements, and followed with other functions in short order: production, accounting, materials — ultimately covering virtually every manufacturing department and operation.

President Melissa Smith says, “I would describe our implementation of Plex as very smooth. The integration and training were great. Overall, the transition to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud was almost seamless.”

Efficiency: The New Profit Center

Since implementing Plex Cloud ERP, Bhar has experienced a 30 percent improvement in operational efficiency.

“Bhar has seen a 30 percent improvement in operational efficiency.”

Why? Because the company has a single point of data entry for all data, and a user interface with screens that demand correct input. Information islands have been eliminated and business processes across all departments are more accurate and efficient. This enhanced efficiency has translated into a reduction in overall costs and improved customer satisfaction. Efficiency is now a competitive advantage driving increased revenue and higher profits.

Accountability Builds Lasting Business Relationships

Since implementing Plex Cloud ERP, Bhar has been able to build increased customer trust and loyalty by improving accountability. Bhar’s customers appreciate the company’s ability to track a product from raw material to delivery.

According to Smith, “We can go from cradle to grave, knowing when a product shipped and by which operator. We can identify every step in the process. If there’s a problem, our customers have confidence that we can pinpoint the root cause with great accuracy and that we can respond rapidly.”

Supply chain management with logistic traceability is also an effective new business development tool for Bhar. With Plex’s EDI and shipping capabilities, Bhar easily complies with supplier requirements. The user interface screens help prevent input errors, dictating that operators enter information in precisely defined data sets. And, on those rare occasions when a quality issue does occur, Bhar uses Plex’s MES features to communicate with downstream suppliers, tracking production and materials to identify and resolve problems before they escalate.

“Plex takes us out of the IT business and allows us to focus on our core competencies.”

“Plex’s cloud-based delivery is one of the main reasons we chose Plex. Because it is continuously updated, it takes us out of the IT business and allows us to focus on our core competencies,” said Smith.

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