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Delivering business success through IT leadership requires discipline and focus. The right platform enables manufacturing IT leaders to drive productivity and process improvements.

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At a Glance

Have an integrated, simplified version-less cloud ERP solution that connects data across the enterprise with one version of truth for all users.

Stop wasting money and time on disruptive ERP software upgrades and planning infrastructure build-outs.

Focus on driving manufacturing operational value and leave system security and reliability to experts.

Ensure end-to-end visibility and traceability for increased automation, inventory savings and audit control.

Provide world-class service with 99.9% uptime and availability.

Enable IT staff to deliver value-add services using a continuously evolving, fully integrated, always current platform.

IT Groups Are Strategic Business Leaders

Manufacturing data is increasing exponentially. In addition to traditional data relating to customer orders, available raw material, inventory on hand, and quality measurements, the rise of smarter and smaller devices throughout the operation generating information real-time takes data generation to a new level. These devices and the information shared by them represent IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things, a concept that expands manufacturing connectedness from anywhere in the enterprise down to the plant floor.

Data on its own, however, cannot help a company. The way that data is managed, communicated and reported guides decision making. IT organizations, once strictly considered keepers of servers and desktop support hold the keys to connecting data throughout the enterprise and to information delivery which shapes the way manufacturers take action.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud helps by providing a single, connected solution that enables data communication and advanced reporting covering the entire enterprise. Plex enables IT to deliver information quickly which gives business leaders the insight needed to make informed decisions. A modern cloud ERP platform also gives IT teams the tools needed to quickly innovate, for example providing the infrastructure to flexibly support new IIoT initiatives.

  • Develop role-specific reports that give the right people the right information in the right context to measure efficiency and productivity.
  • Provide unparalleled visibility across the entire enterprise from the highest level down to the plant floor over any device, from anywhere.
  • Rapidly deliver the tools and capabilities needed to address challenges and produce results.
  • Reduce costs, streamline processes, increase automation and drive accurate data collection throughout the enterprise.
  • Influence the types of savings and processes manufacturers can implement, ensuring a ‘seat at the table’ when strategic plans and decisions are made by senior leadership.
“When we go into a meeting with the senior management team they already know what our business is doing. So we spend our time figuring out solutions and planning. We're a much more proactive organization now and that's a great feeling for everyone.” Ken Baxter, FT Precision

Business Efficiency is Critical for CIOs

Manufacturers often struggle consolidating information from different data sources and in managing the IT scalability and agility to adapt to business changes. Manual data collection and processes inhibit timely tracking, lower accurate inventory visibility and limit plant floor data sharing across the enterprise.

Yet creating a single version of truth for the entire enterprise is elusive at best when managing server farms at each facility with no way to tie information together effectively. Beyond the hardware inefficiencies are the difficulties managing policies and processes across all users at every location over disparate systems. Accessing data is also a challenge in both not knowing which silo of information is correct and up to date, and also figuring out how users can easily access that information.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a fully integrated cloud ERP solution that connects the entire enterprise, communicating information to identify potential issues while providing production quality information to surface problems before they escalate. Role-based reporting presents consolidated data from a single database accessible over any device, eliminating data silos, data access challenges and costly reconciliation. A unique continuous innovation approach makes new features available to all customers immediately on an opt-in basis so customers can enable new features at their own convenience, delivering the most current code without the need for version control or upgrades.

  • Deliver predictable costs, world-class uptime, and simplicity with a single cloud ERP system.
  • Automate manual, error-prone processes to eliminate mistakes and rework.
  • Dramatically shorten the time it takes to share information.
  • Scale automatically as your business needs change.
  • Access enterprise data over any device with a single, secure login.
“Plex has allowed us to reduce our entire company’s paperwork by over 50 percent, and what little we now have, we don’t have to store. All data is stored on the Plex system, and we can access it at any time. This gives us about a 33 percent savings on manpower at the manufacturing level.” Matt McDermott, Champion Plastics

Security, Reliability and Business Continuity are Crucial

Business continuity, system availability and data security are paramount to manufacturers. Downtime means lost revenue and damage to customer satisfaction. Yet IT is not a manufacturer’s focus, and it make little business sense to spend precious capital dollars on persistent IT hardware and software upgrades when the company can invest that money on production equipment and infrastructure.

IT infrastructure costs extend beyond simple hardware and software. There are HVAC considerations, redundancy concerns, secure data centers and costly IT staff – staff which could add better value elsewhere in the business creating more efficient work processes and analyzing manufacturing data to drive positive changes.

For Plex, system availability and business continuity are at the heart of properly providing a native cloud ERP service. Plex data centers feature solid concrete walls, redundant and secure HVAC systems, and are designed to withstand significant natural disasters. Data center servers are frequently upgraded and expanded, providing state-of-the-art equipment and effortless scaling as Plex customer needs grow. Perhaps more importantly, Plex’s seasoned team is fully dedicated to delivering unparalleled system availability, assuring a level of IT focus no manufacturer could practically afford to provide.

  • Achieve up to 99.9 percent uptime, a higher availability level than even the best companies can deliver with their own internal IT staff.
  • Rely on fully redundant, geographically dispersed data centers with the highest levels of hardened building construction and facility security access.
  • Take advantage of communication redundancy over multiple state-of-the-art parallel SONET and Ethernet data connections to ensure rapid failover.
  • Conduct business with five layers of physical security, including biometric access and control rooms monitored 24x7.
  • Stay current with consistent data center updates that automatically provide customers with the most state-of-the-art capabilities and security protocols.
“My feeling about ERP systems and their launches had always been that you can focus on either technology benefits or business benefits, but we didn’t want to ‘cheat’ on either. With Plex, we didn’t have to.” Mike Gerber, Fluid Routing Solutions


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Why should you choose Plex?

Discover more about the cloud ERP benefits Plex offers.

Plex is Built for Manufacturers

Smart manufacturing solutions are not all the same. For example, historical ERP software solutions involve painful implementation projects followed by challenging periodic updates – often forcing companies to go years without updating their ERP system. Meanwhile, these same companies lose value day after day as new features and functions elude them, only implemented with the next painful ‘big bang’ upgrade.

Smart manufacturing technology from Plex takes a different approach. No more waiting. No more upgrades. New features are added daily to a single line of code, shared instantly with all Plex customers. Those customers not only realize renewed value daily, but share best practices real time with other peer Plex customers, all of whom have access to exactly the same features, functions and capabilities enabled by a true, single software code SaaS cloud offering.

Smart manufacturing should truly be just that; solutions. Manufacturers are often tempted by vendors touting strong financial, accounting, and even retail ERP software solutions and systems. None of these, however, do the one thing they need particularly well – manufacturing.

Plex is different, offering the only smart manufacturing solution built from the ground up in the cloud and focused exclusively on manufacturing. At Plex, we know manufacturing isn’t just part of the business: manufacturing is the business. Plex smart manufacturing solutions are purpose-built to fit your manufacturing business needs, evolving with you while adding value daily.

Smart manufacturing technology is not all the same. Plex can help you be different. Find out how.

Manufacturers have moved beyond the need for non-integrated point solutions to solve their challenges – they require a true ERP system. Beyond individual, bolt-on products, an ERP system enables connectivity between companies, their customers and their suppliers.

An ERP system must fit the business needs of a given company, while offering a broad array of capabilities designed for that business. With an eye toward the future, the right ERP system gives companies the power to scale at their pace while adding constant value in real time.

Move your business forward with a true ERP system. Find out how.