Advanced Accounting Options Modules

Advanced accounting features give you the deeper functionality you need to get the job done.

When you need more than standard accounting functions, take advantage of advanced features like project accounting, automated tax calculations, collections and credit checks. Your accounting staff can spend more time on analysis and follow-up, less time on data entry.

Auto Tax Calculation

  • Automatically calculate sales and use taxes based on ship-from and ship-to addresses
  • Make tax exempt purchases, depending on what you buy (inventory, supplies, service, etc.)
  •  Optionally accrue use tax liabilities

Project Accounting

  • Track the financial progress of business projects
  • Assign each transaction in GL to a project without the need to augment the master chart of accounts, using additional segments for project tracking
  • Create detailed online reports for a project, including project-level income statements and balance sheets

Credit Checking

  • Analyze payment history and other data to produce an internal credit rating for the customer
  • Set credit limits for each customer. Receive warnings and even prevent shipments when credit limit is exceeded.


  • Maintain customer accounts with contact details, payment terms, credit limits and more
  • Maintain a detailed history of invoices, payments, communications, statements and letters