Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Modules

Manage your EDI trading partners, mailboxes and documents for an instant and flexible exchange of transactions with your customers.

Electronically connect your customers’ business with your own using native integrated EDI in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Plex EDI interprets and imports customers’ EDI releases to your customer order system, and then automatically sends Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and/or invoices to your customers when the product is shipped.

EDI Network

Support the automated and real-time exchange of electronic documents between your customers, suppliers and your business through a network of trading partners and value-added networks (VANs).

  • Choose EDI formats from hundreds of pre-configured trading partners, comprising a library of over 1,000 individual transaction sets
  • Rely on a cloud platform that processes tens of thousands of EDI messages per day for hundreds of customers
  • Define relationships with your trading partners along with their EDI formats and schedules
  • Support business rules of your trading partners across several industries, including automotive, big box retailers, food and beverage, industrial equipment and high-tech electronics
  • Configure automatic messaging to send email or SMS (text) alerts to EDI administrators in case of communication failure
  • Support multiple EDI standards, including ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VDA and ODETTE
  • Support multiple communication protocols, including AS2, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS and OFTP2
  • Leave the configuration and support of your EDI system to Plex EDI specialists while you focus on reaping its benefits

Automatic ASN

  • Automate the creation and transmission of advanced shipping notices (ASNs) EDI when you ship products to your customers
  • Optionally configure to create and transmit an invoice EDI on shipments
  • Easily monitor and, if needed, correct, resend or cancel pending or rejected EDI transmissions

Automatic Customer Releases

  • Automatically retrieve, interpret and acknowledge customer EDI releases per schedule, as agreed with your trading partner
  • Automate the process of entering and updating the customer order system for releases, purchase orders and changes from your customers