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Quoting and Estimating Modules

Automate your pricing and quotations, and be more responsive to your customers.

Build detailed cost estimates and keep track of important quote information to keep a close tap on the profitability of your sales decisions.

Quote Tracking

  • Use a sophisticated, highly configurable, tightly integrated and workflow-driven wizard to process requests for quotation (RFQs) from your customers
  • Define, estimate, review, print and submit quotes for your customers
  • Track quote type, status, due date and other critical information related to your quotations
  • Convert approved quotes into customer orders with a click of a button


  • Build detailed cost estimates to support your product quotations and sales pricing quickly and accurately using a sophisticated and highly configurable wizard
  • Include appropriate pricing components in your estimates for higher accuracy, such as material cost, process operations, difficulty factor, margins and commissions