Sales Management Software & Commission Tracking

Sales Management Modules

Drive towards higher sales and revenue with easier access to information and higher visibility.

Manage and retain all of your sales-related data including opportunities, quotes, customer orders and more in one centralized location. Manage flexible commission payment structure and commission-owed records that are generated automatically by customer shipments and other defined activities. Manage relationships with your customers by keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction, sales forecasts and competitive intelligence data.

Commissions Tracking

  • Create and maintain a commission payment structure for your sales staff
  • Flexibly define fixed or percentage commissions based on customer, customer address, specific product or product type, or other parameters
  • Review commission-owed records generated automatically by customer shipments that meet the specified parameters
  • Quickly and easily generate accounts payable records for commission payments based on review and customer invoice payment status

Customer Sales Forecast

  • Store forecast data by period to set goals for your sales team
  • Make comparisons among snapshot versions of the forecast to keep a close eye on your progress
  • Maintain initial sales and manufacturing versions of the forecast for future comparative analysis
  • Display data by sales revenue and/or manufacturing quantity

Competitor Database

  • Create and maintain an easily accessible database of competitive intelligence, including a list of competitors, markets, personnel, capacity, strengths/weaknesses and other marketing data

Customer Satisfaction Overview

  • Assess and manage customer satisfaction with color-coded customer satisfaction levels, status notes and account manager information for an easy-to-interpret view

Opportunity Tracking

  • Leverage tools that help your sales organizations manage their day-to-day lead prioritization and follow up on sales opportunities
  • Manage and track sales leads using a comprehensive view of each customer, including description, salesperson, revenue value, expected close date and more