Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Translate your business strategy into operational directives for desired customer service levels, estimated market potential and forecasted future demand.

Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Develop a cross-functional consensus-based plan leading to an actionable master production schedule (MPS)
  • Combine strategic input from multiple teams including sales, marketing, engineering, operations and finance in a formal sales & operations planning structure
  • Plan across multiple products, production lines, manufacturing and distribution facilities for a holistic enterprise-wide plan – with user-defined planning frequency and planning horizon

What-if Analysis and Modeling

  • Drive a multi-criteria workflow-driven hierarchical planning process, matching supply and demand plans with financial considerations
  • Account for strategic business possibilities including product launches, price adjustments, marketing promotions, etc. for a simulated version of the plan
  • Evaluate the impact of various what-if scenarios and different demand patterns, without affecting the live data

Flexible Planning and Tracking

  • Plan for level-loaded or demand-chase production and MPS
  • Focus your planning to the most significant finished good products, using Pareto analysis
  • Compare actual versus projected numbers for timely and responsive operations management and re-planning
  • Compute statistical best-fit forecasts and override data to accommodate for the strategic business plan
  • Balance supply and demand across potential trade promotions, new product introductions, mergers & acquisitions, production capacity changes, updated distribution channels and other strategic business levers