7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Analytics

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Gain deeper insight into your operational and production performance with Plex Manufacturing Analytics. 

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Increase Profitability

Get detailed insights, plant floor visibility, and operations performance data that simplify business decisions to keep profit up and cost down.

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Drive Business Transformation

Get reporting by business domain for full visibility into performance of all areas of your operations—finance, quality and production.

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Enhance Quality Assurance

Mitigate risk, maintain quality, and protect brand reputation for both, you and your customers, with full traceability and operations monitoring.

Plex Manufacturing Analytics Capabilities

  • Fast and Easy Time to Value

    Quick implementation with actionable information from day one.

    • Easily consolidate all your data into a single version of truth.
    • Use drag-and-drop dashboards that require no setup, configuration, or special training.
    • Users can self-provision their own ad hoc reporting to get insights immediately.
    • Get rich visualizations of historical data to quickly identify trends, discover business gaps, and take corrective action. 


  • Customizable Insights

    Make strategic business decisions faster with role-based reporting.

    • No matter the experience of your users, they can build fully customizable reports and charts available through self-service portals.
    • Access hundreds of report templates categorized by business function.
    • Deploy role-based, domain-specific reports and dashboards with relevant KPIs pre-selected for every line of business including Supply Chain, Sales, HR, Finance, Production, and Procurement.
    • Apply security permissions within reports to control access to sensitive information.


  • Untethered Access

    Access your data anywhere, anytime, and manage your business on the go.

    • View and monitor dashboards from any connected device at any time from any location. 
    • Schedule and distribute reports with a click of a button.


Aligned with extreme precision to the pillars of Smart Manufacturing.

Plex Manufacturing Analytics is designed to provide immediate value for your company, while preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • Connect

    Connect shop floor performance data to maximize production and operational visibility.

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  • Automate

    Automate alerts sent to personnel who can effectively react to behavioral data that’s outside of the norm​​​​.

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  • Track

    Track equipment performance trends over time to predict downtime for proactive planning.

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  • Analyze

    Analyze trends and compare operational data against other KPIs to discover new opportunities for improvement.

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