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Welcome to the Smart Manufacturing Movement

Something’s happening here and it is decidedly not business-as-usual for today’s manufacturers. Everything from pistons to pickles is being made smarter these days. You might even call it a movement.

The first step to making it better is making connections.

When we launched Plex, we (may have) actually called it “the coolest information system in the world.” But can you blame us for getting a little excited? We knew then that smart manufacturing was the way forward. And we were right—manufacturing has become increasingly connected in ways that were hard for many manufacturers to see a decade ago. But today, it’s on and Plex is leading the way.

This isn’t just a trend. It’s a revolution.

The smart manufacturing movement is a business and cultural shift inspired by manufacturers and influenced by innovation. This shift is fueled by industrial, international and macro trends that are forcing agility and change. But it doesn’t have to happen all at once. With The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform, you can choose to grow in a way that makes sense for your business. You’ll see immediate value, while you build toward a more fully connected future.

  • $19.36B

    Projected value of the global MES Market by 2023
  • 62%

    Manufacturers who plan to undertake more shop floor automation
  • 50%

    MES solutions will include IIoT by 2024
  • 32%

    Say a system of record is critical to innovation

“We see a definitive—and, indeed, inevitable—shift to Industry 4.0 as companies seek to integrate new technology into their operations, supply chain and product portfolio.”


Join the movement

Whether you’re knee-deep in the world of Smart Manufacturing or just dipping your toes in the pool, Plex can help. Join the Smart Manufacturing movement for access to exclusive research updates and events where you can see how Plex can help you make it smart, no matter what you make.

What members get:

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Our newsletter is a quarterly publication focusing on the latest advances and offerings from the Smart Manufacturing movement. Read exclusive interviews with industry leaders and receive invites to the best Smart Manufacturing events. Join the movement for the single best source of all thing smart.

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