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Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

One of the many Supply Chain Management (SCM) features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Balance growth, cost, inventory, and production with real-time plant floor data to effectively forecast—and deliver on—customer demands.

Gain higher forecast accuracy and meet customer expectations with reliable delivery dates based on current resources and capacity.

  • Make production planning trade-off decisions considering rough-cut capacity constraints, inventory and customer service levels.
  • Utilize advanced production planning options to level-load manufacturing across multiple plants.
  • Reduce supply chain costs with a more realistic master production schedule that drives material, production, and resources allocations.
  • Gather data from across departments, plants, and supply chain channels, for a single-version of supply chain plan.

Plex Supply Chain Planning & Collaboration Capabilities

  • Inventory Forecasting and Optimization

    Proactively plan across the business with complete visibility

    Plex empowers you to manage the business against volatile market and customer demands, providing forecasts based on your current state of inventory, future commitments, and what-if scenarios. Top-down and bottoms-up forecasting helps you improve accuracy. You can ensure stability in your supply chain, minimizing inefficient knee-jerk reactions and preventing increasing working capital tied in inventory.


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  • Demand and Supply Planning

    Realistically predict resource availability to save costs and drive profitability

    Plex enables you to calculate a realistic plan with capable-to-promise functionality. You can develop a master schedule using rough-cut capacity planning to incorporate available resources. Run “what-if” scenarios without impacting the production system.


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  • Market Forecast Manager

    Gain the ability to anticipate customer needs, contextualize forecasts quickly, and plan for the future

    Proactively plan for the future to identify potential new business opportunities, help gain market share, or identify end of life for current products to avoid waste. The Market Forecast Manager helps you plan accurately with the least effort by supplementing your forecasts with up-to-date data sources, including IHS Markit’s Light Vehicle Forecast, as well as your defined projections. The product further reduces risk by automating data exchange in a single source solution.


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  • Distribution Requirement Planning

    Use advanced production planning options to level-load manufacturing across multiple plants

    Optimize your master production schedule (MPS) across a network of warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Avoid stock-out situations by measuring inventory stocking levels by location in real time.


    With Plex, you can address short term supply constraints. For example, you can allocate products to customer orders before safety stock is used or you hit a minimum order requirement quantity threshold.


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