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Avon Gear Manages 20 Percent Growth
Customer Success Story, Industrial Manufacturing
Saving time and resources – it’s a winning strategy. Read how this manufacturer managed 20 percent annual growth and improved processes.
Polamer Precision Soars Above Larger Competitors with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Customer Success Story
Polamer Precision, a global aerospace manufacturing company, is able to compete with much larger companies and achieve growth goals with the flexibility of cloud ERP.
The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing
Discover how connected manufacturing turns challenges into opportunities and transforms how you do business.
G&W Products—a Small Business Manufacturer—Thinks Big with Plex
Customer Success Story, Precision Metalforming
World-class contract metal manufacturing, G&W Products, needed a solution to replace their existing ERP system with less limitations & more flexibility.
Wisco Industries Zeros in on Customers with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Customer Success Story, Precision Metalforming
Wisco Industries wanted an ERP system with built-in quality & EDI to make communication & compliance an operational strategy. Learn from their experience here.
Shank's Extracts Sets Up for a Sweet Future with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Cloud-Based Inventory Management, Customer Success Story, Food and Beverage
Private label manufacturer, Shank's Extracts, implemented Plex's cloud ERP system and experienced real-time inventory traceability and quality control.
How Food and Beverage Manufacturers Are Thriving by Digitizing Their Operations
eBook, Food and Beverage
Discover how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the manufacturing industry are embracing digital transformation to thrive.
The Shift to Digital: A Competitive Edge for Large Manufacturers
To thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers must transition to digital solutions. See how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud can help you make the shift to digital.
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud Demo - A Cloud-Based ERP/MES System
Struggling with stringent regulations? Scrambling to meet increasing customer expectations? Reacting rather than leading in your market? The challenges of running a successful manufacturing business seem to never end.
Gaining Visibility Across Your Automotive Manufacturing Enterprise
In the competitive world of automotive manufacturing, cross-organizational connectivity and alignment are mandatory to ensure business agility and responsiveness.
2017 State of Manufacturing Technology Webinar
See how manufacturers like you are taking advantage of advanced technologies to drive results and usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence
White Paper, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Manufacturing agility is increasingly important in today’s world of wildly fluctuating demand, short product cycles and constant change. This paper will discuss how to achieve manufacturing agility through strong links from the plant floor and manag...
10 Critical Questions Manufacturers Should Ask ERP Vendors
White Paper
See the key questions a manufacturer should ask about ERP ease of modification, infrastructure and total cost of ownership.
ERP Selection and Implementation Tips from People Who Have Been There, Done That
White Paper
This white paper gives some tips and tricks for selecting and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Get tips for selecting the right system for your industry, techniques for managing change, pointers for best practice adoption a...
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