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Cloud ERP Turns IIoT into a Critical Strategy for Manufacturing
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), White Paper
Read this white paper to learn how cloud ERP enables the industrial internet of things (IIoT) across the manufacturing enterprise.
The Four Compass Points for Quality Managers
Quality Management, Brochure
Read how to put your organization head of the competition with a closed-loop quality management strategy.
Cloud-Based Inventory Management, Customer Success Story, Food and Beverage
Private label manufacturer, Shank's Extracts, implemented Plex's cloud ERP system and experienced real-time inventory traceability and quality control.
Digital Manufacturing Report:  SaaS ERP Vendor Landscape 2017, by Forrester
Cloud ERP Technology, Analyst Research
Forrester's ERP Vendor Landscape reveals why SaaS will be manufacturers preferred deployment mode for ERP.
4 Things Successful Auto Manufacturers Do Differently
Infographic, Automotive
Discover 4 keys to automotive manufacturing success, as illustrated by companies using the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. The infographic features testimonials from each company illustrating how cloud ERP has driven value within their organizations.
The Future of Manufacturing is Now with Plex Cloud ERP
Plex cloud ERP is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by eliminating data silos, software upgrades, and connecting the plant floor. (1:32)
3 Synergies That Drive Success in Automotive Manufacturing
To be competitive, auto manufacturers need to focus on bringing their operational, financial & IT strategies in sync or risk diminishing returns. This webinar gives examples of how leveraging IT to unify your top floor with your shop floor drives op...
Intelliplex Procurement and Spend Analytics
Data Sheet
ERP systems for manufacturing collect incredible amounts of data. You need a pre-configured interactive dashboard, built on a cloud analytic platform that helps with responsive decision-making from any device.
4 Pillars of Food and Beverage Plant and Operations Managers' Success
You manage your plant operations to satisfy on-time delivery expectations that result in customer satisfaction. Discover four key characteristics of plant and operations managers that keep their plants running smoothly, productively, and safely.
Outmaneuvering Your Competitors: 3 Reasons Why Automotive Manufacturing Suppliers Choose Plex
Brochure, Automotive
Do you want to know the top 3 reasons automotive suppliers choose the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to run their business? Find out how you can out-maneuver your competitors in the cloud.
HK Metalcraft CS
Customer Success Story
When HK Metalcraft needed to replace their legacy ERP system to meet customer demands, discover how embracing new technology and implementing the Plex Manufacturing Cloud allowed them to reduce excess inventory, improve operations, and more.
3 Keys to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Is your organization burdened with legacy problems? Manual processes, disparate systems and siloed information can cripple business potential. View this webinar to understand how digital transformation changes the way modern manufacturing is conduct...
End-to-End Traceability: Reducing Recall Risks for Food and Beverage Manufacturers
White Paper, Food and Beverage
Tightly link quality, reporting and ERP. See how to achieve one-up/one-back traceability throughout the food processing enterprise.
IDC Report Perspective: Plex Delivers Innovation for Manufacturing Growth
Analyst Research
Get the IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective Report to learn how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is delivering tangible results back to your business like reducing scrap, decreasing inventory, and improving quality.
Revstone’s Vassar Foundry’s Dramatic ROI of 456 Percent
Customer Success Story
You can believe your eyes: A spectacular turnaround includes an ROI of 456 percent. Read about the dramatic improvements.
Best Practices in Food Traceability: A Cost-Effective, Proactive Approach Reduces Recall Risks
White Paper, Food and Beverage
A complete food safety management system built on cloud ERP gives you a proactive, risk-based approach to safety issues.
Data Driven Quality Management: The Value of Achieving Quality Maturity
Analyst Research
Read this LNS Research report to discover the benefits of improving quality management maturity. Download now.
Turning Today’s Quality Challenges Into a Source of Competitive Advantage with Closed-Loop Quality Management
In this webinar, LNS Research will detail the critical steps and components needed for creating the type of robust, closed-loop quality management environments that push companies to the top of the market.
Traceability: The Intersection of ROI and Compliance
Join Dr. Jennifer McEntire, Vice President and Chief Science Officer at The Acheson Group as she discusses how good recordkeeping yields numerous benefits. Traceability and regulatory compliance become byproducts of a well-managed, well documented f...
The Cloud Helps Manufacturers Change With The Times
The manufacturing world has changed, and the latest technology helps businesses adapt and thrive in this new environment. Cindy Jutras, renowned industry analyst and founder of Mint Jutras, will discuss trends and how cloud technology meets evolving...
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